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Opposition to increase the riots of Delhi in Parliament, demands the resignation of Amit Shah | India News


NEW DELHI: Opposition parties will vigorously raise the issue of communal unrest in Delhi during the second part of the Budget Session in Parliament that begins on Monday and demand the resignation of Interior Minister Amit Shah for alleged police failures .

Congress is likely to submit notifications of deferral motion in both Houses of Parliament on Monday, demanding a debate on violence in Delhi, sources said.

Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said the party will vigorously raise the issue of the Delhi riots and ask why the violence occurred.

“The government has failed miserably to maintain law and order. I think there must be some kind of link between the rioters and a section of police officers that resulted in horrible murders and arsons that have tarnished our image around the world. This is a matter of great concern to us, “he told PTI.

“We will continue to increase the demand for the resignation of Interior Minister Amit Shah on the floor of the House,” said Chowdhury.

The sources said that both the Trinamool Congress and the ICC and the CPM will raise the issue in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, and will require responses from the Interior Minister.

“The leftist parties will strengthen the voice of the Opposition in Parliament and raise the issue of violence in Delhi in both Houses. I have sent a notice under Rule 267 to the president of Rajya Sabha to discuss the issue in the House,” he said. MP KK Ragesh said.

The secretary general of the IPC, D Raja, said that his party will require Shah to respond for the “inaction” of the Delhi Police, which depends on the Ministry of Interior.

“The violence in Delhi will be raised in Parliament by our party. We will also communicate with other parties on the issue. We will also raise the issue of hate speech by BJP leaders and ask why they have not been arrested. In addition, Amit Shah must be accountable, “he said.

Congress and other opposition parties accused the police of bias and inaction in the violence of Delhi.

A senior TMC leader said the party’s parliamentarians will raise the issues strongly in Parliament and seek answers from the Interior Minister.

The main spokesman of the Congress and the deputy of Rajya Sabha, Abhishek Singhvi, also said that the Congress will address in Parliament in the strongest possible terms the “unbridled destruction of democratic values” in this country with “active approval” and, frequently, the selective “blind nelsoniana”. eye “of the government.

“The form and form of protest inside or outside the Parliament is a matter of coordinated strategy and not an issue that is publicly transmitted. But the country is sure that we will fulfill our responsibilities vigorously and without fear, despite the intrusion and extreme and illegal harassment. “he told PTI.

A congressional delegation, including the head of the party, Sonia Gandhi, urged President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday to request the resignation of Interior Minister Shah for his alleged “abdication of duty” during community violence in Delhi and remind the Center your “raj dharma”.

The Congress Working Committee (CWC), the top decision-making body of the party, had also deliberated on the issue last week and passed a resolution, demanding responses from both the central government and the governments of Delhi, while He urged the people of Delhi to “reject the politics of hate.”

On Friday, the president of Congress had appointed a five-member team to visit the areas affected by the riots in northeastern Delhi and present a report after assessing the situation there.

The delegation was composed of the secretary general of the Committee of the Whole Congress of India (AICC) Mukul Wasnik, the AICC in charge of Delhi Shaktisinh Gohil, the head of the Congress of Haryana Kumari Selja, former deputy Tariq Anwar and the head of the Mahila Congress, Sushmita Dev.

Several opposition parties that do not belong to Congress also wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind to instruct the authorities to ensure that peace is restored in northeastern Delhi hit by violence and action against those accused of delivering provocative speeches .

Party leaders such as NCP, CPM, CPI, RJD, LJD, DMK and AAP also demanded the resignation of the local minister for not controlling violence.

At least 42 people died and more than 200 were injured in communal riots that erupted in northeast Delhi on Monday after clashes between supporters of citizenship law and protesters were out of control.

Parliament’s budget session began on January 31 and continued until February 11.

After a break, it will start again on March 2 and continue until April 3.

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