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CAA, NRC and NPR: Rajinikanth listens to Muslim leaders, “offers his support to help the return of peace” | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Representatives of Tamil Nadu Jamatul Ulama Sabai visited actor Rajinikanth on Sunday at his residence at Poes Garden in Chennai and explained the impact of the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) and the National Registry of Citizens (NPR) will have on Muslims.

The meeting took place in the context of Rajinikanth that offered to lead a protest if a single Muslim is affected by the CAA. The actor has argued that the Center is unlikely to withdraw it.

“Shortly after he spoke with the media last time, we felt he was not fully aware of the impact that the CAA, the NRC and the NPR will have on Muslims and why so many people, including women, graduates and elders, are protesting against they. CAA throughout the country. We think that he should understand the problems behind the movement from all angles and send him a word that we were willing to come in person and explain it, if necessary. Rajinikanth, who was in Hyderabad at the time, sent us a word inviting us to meet him on Sunday, after he returned to the city, “Tamil Nadu president Jama’athul Ulama Sabai, P. A Khaja Mohinudeen Baqavi, told TOI.

“He received us in a dignified manner and we had a free discussion. The meeting lasted one hour and 15 minutes. We explained the whole thing and he listened enthusiastically. At the end of the meeting, he not only fully understood the problem, but also offered all his support in his power to help the peace return, “said Baqavi.

The ulama delegation had presented him with a compilation of quotes from various political leaders, educators, written articles about the CAA, the NRC and the NPR and even speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, both inside and outside Parliament, and how the government had Repeatedly mentioned implementing NRC, he said.

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