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Shankar announces ₹ 1 crore for the family of the dead | Tamil Movie News


A few days ago, director Shankar went to Twitter to express his regret for the accident that took place on the set of Indian 2. He has now presented a detailed official statement in which he has also announced monetary assistance to the family of the deceased. The statement said: “I still have to recover from the shock, pain and trauma caused by the unfortunate accident that occurred on the sets of Indian 2 … I am trying to recover from it. The death of Krishna who joined my team as an assistant director just a month ago shook me completely. It is difficult to find a good assistant director. In a few days, Krishna understood the magnitude of this great project and stood out in his work. It was unfortunate that my satisfaction having found a promising assistant director did not last long. Her mother’s tears and anguish when I met her at Krishna’s house that day still haunts me. ”

Shankar also added that he was disconsolate to see the production boy Madhu in the morgue. According to him, the latter was someone who was always with him at the scene of the shooting and served what he asked for immediately. The publication also said: “Knowing that there was work for a month on the sets of Indian 2, Chandran, from the art department, volunteered with great interest. He joined us only at this time. When I heard about this, it hurt a lot. I cannot overcome this terrible accident that fell on us despite several precautions and security measures implemented. The loss of these lives torments me more than the idea that I was miraculously saved. Looking at the sufferings and sadness that this accident has affected the families of the deceased, the injured, their families, the workers and everyone involved, I feel it would have been better if the crane had fallen on me. I express my deepest condolences to Krishna’s parents, his wife, his family members, Madhu’s family and Mr. Chandran’s family. ”

He ensures that any help or assistance provided to these families can never compensate for the loss of these lives. “But I feel that monetary assistance will be a small help in some way or another for their families. I humbly transmit that, I am giving a sum of 1 crore crore to the families of those affected. I sincerely pray that they recover soon from their unbearable loss and pain. ”

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