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Protests against the CAA in the UK and Europe call for justice for the victims of Delhi | India News


LONDON: A large group of students, human rights activists and representatives of diaspora groups gathered outside the High Commission of India here on Saturday for an “emergency protest” against the Citizenship (Amendment) Law and violence Associated in Delhi.
The Society of India in the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the students of South Asia against fascism and the solidarity group of South Asia were among the groups behind the protest.
the London A protest was convened along with similar demonstrations in about 17 cities in Europe, including Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Geneva, with the central message of: “We stand in solidarity with the victims of community violence in Delhi.”
“If the world does not take notice and react urgently, the consequences will be disastrous,” SOAS India Society said in a statement.
Protesters chanted slogans and demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Amit Shah for the alleged “serious failure” to keep the peace, and the arrest of BJP politicians accused of instigating violence in Delhi.
They also asked the government of the United Kingdom to issue a “strong condemnation” to the government of Narendra Modi for violence in the streets of the Indian capital.
Protesters also sought to highlight the many “encouraging instances” of Hindus, Dalits and Sikhs who protected their Muslim neighbors, and Sikh Gurdwaras by opening their doors to victims fleeing violence in Delhi.
Over the past week, parts of the Indian capital have witnessed sectarian violence in reaction to CAA, a law passed by the Indian Parliament last December to grant citizenship rights to persecuted minorities in neighboring countries.
Critics fear that the act, and a proposed National Registry of Citizens (NRC), discriminate against Muslims in the country.
The government has tried to calm fears by emphasizing that no Indian Muslim would be affected by the act and Interior Minister Amit Shah blamed the Opposition for agitating violence by spreading wrong information.

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