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News about violence in Delhi: they were in thousands, we only had 200, says ACP injured in violence in Delhi | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Deputy Police Commissioner (ACP), Anuj Kumar, who was injured in recent clashes in northeastern Gokulpuri in Delhi, said the police force was greatly outnumbered as the place became a camp battle with frenzied monsters that burned houses, shops, vehicles and throwing stones.

The ACP, which was discharged from the hospital two days ago, said: “We were told that the road between Signature Bridge and the Ghaziabad border should not remain blocked. But slowly and steadily, the crowd began to grow and included men and women … They were around 20,000-25,000, while we were only 200. I don’t know if they planned to block the road as they did before. ”

“We talked to them peacefully and asked them to remain confined on the service road instead of the main road. Until then, rumors began that some women and children had lost their lives in a police shooting. There was a construction going on nearby. from the bridge, so stones and bricks lay there. Protesters started throwing stones suddenly and we got hurt, including the DCP that was bleeding heavily, “he added.

The clashes took place at the same time when the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was on a two-day inaugural visit to India.

The ACP also stated that the police had fired tear gas shells to disperse the crowd, but the effort was useless since the distance between protesters and security was large.

“We were standing at two opposite ends of the road. We did not want to open fire as many women participated in the protest. But they greatly surpassed us,” Kumar said.

“My goal then was to rescue DCP first because I was bleeding a lot. But we didn’t want to hurt any protesters either,” he said.

Rattan Lal, a police chief attached to the ACP Gokalpuri office, died of the injuries he suffered during the throwing of stones at Gokalpuri.

Three other civilians succumbed to the wounds in the clashes, a Delhi government official said, adding that 50 people with injuries had come to the hospital for treatment.

At least 11 members of the police staff, including the Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP), Shahdara, Amit Sharma and Kumar himself were injured while trying to quell the protests.

Clashes between protesters in favor of the Law on Amendment to Citizenship and Against Citizenship (CAA) took place on Monday in several places in the northeast district of Delhi.

At least 42 people, including a police chief, have died, while some 200 people have been injured in the violence. Two special investigation teams (SIT) have been set up under the crime branch, the Delhi Police, to investigate the violence.

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