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Delhi metro news: Pro-CAA, ‘triggers the mottos of the traitors raised in the Delhi metro train | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The youth group made a slogan and incendiary songs of “shooting the traitors” inside a train on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro and also at the Rajiv Chowk subway station.

The five and six men, dressed in saffron and kurt t-shirts, began sloping when the train was about to stop at the subway station, according to a PTI journalist who was there.

After getting off the train, they continued singing pro-CAA and provocative slogans like “shoot the traitors” and one more, literally, meaning that “the youth of the country is in support and defense of CAA”.

While some travelers joined CAA supporters in their slogans, others quickly took out their cameras to make videos. Apparently, many at the station were surprised by the spontaneity and unusual choice of place.

The personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), responsible for the security of the Delhi Metro, intercepted the protesters and handed them over to the Delhi Police.

“On February 29, at around 10.25 in the morning, six young men were seen shouting slogans at the Rajiv Chowk subway station, Delhi. They were immediately intercepted by CISF staff and then handed over to Metro Rail Police officers. from Delhi for further action. The Metro Rail operation was maintained, “the CISF said in a statement.

A senior CISF official said the youth were raising pro CAA slogans.

DCP (Metro) Vikram Porwal said: “We have arrested six men and they are being interrogated.”

A video of sloganeering has gone viral on social networks.

Anuj Dayal, Executive Director, Corporate Communications of DMRC, said: “In reference to a video clip that goes viral on social networks, which shows the slogan of some passengers at the Rajiv Chowk subway station, it is to state that this incident it happened at the station today morning and DMRC / CISF staff immediately handed them over to the Delhi Metro Rail Police for the necessary additional action. ”

In accordance with the Delhi Metro (Operation and Maintenance) Act of 2002, any type of manifestation or nuisance is prohibited in the Delhi Metro facilities. Any passenger who submits to such an act may be removed from the Metro facilities, in accordance with the law.

By the way, there was a “peace march” organized in the Jantar Mantar against “jihadist terrorism” in northeastern Delhi, which was also attended by BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who allegedly made provocative statements on Sunday before that riots will erupt in the national capital. week.

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