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WHO on Coronavirus Today: WHO increases the overall risk of coronavirus from ‘high’ to ‘very high’ | World News


GENEVA / BEIJING: The rapid spread of the coronavirus increased fears of a pandemic on Friday, with six countries reporting their first cases and the World Health Organization (WHO) raised its global impact and spread risk alert to “very high “.

World stocks fell again, ending its worst week since the global financial crisis of 2008 and bringing global elimination to $ 6 billion.

Hopes that the epidemic that began in China at the end of last year would end in months, and that economic activity would quickly return to normal, has been shattered.

The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said his organization was not underestimating the risk.

“That is why we said today that the global risk is very high,” he told reporters in Geneva. “We increase it from ‘high’ to ‘very high’.”

WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said the coronavirus scenario that reaches several or all countries “is something we have been observing and warning for quite some time.”

Switzerland joined countries banning major events to try to curb the epidemic, forcing the cancellation of Geneva’s international car show next week, one of the most important meetings in the industry.

Tedros said that mainland China has reported 329 new cases in the last 24 hours, the lowest there in more than a month, bringing its account to more than 78,800 cases with nearly 2,800 deaths.

The three largest airlines in China restored some international flights and the Shanghai fashion show, initially postponed, continued online.


But as the outbreak eases in China, it is emerging elsewhere.

Mexico, Nigeria, Estonia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Lithuania reported their first cases, all with a history of travel related to Italy, the most affected European country. Mexico is the second Latin American country to register the virus, after Brazil.

Countries other than China now account for about three quarters of the new infections.

Bulgaria said it was ready to deploy up to 1,000 soldiers and military equipment on the border with Turkey to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants as measures against the coronavirus intensify. He has not reported any cases.

Mongolia, which has not yet confirmed a case, placed its president, Battulga Khaltmaa, in quarantine as a precaution after he returned from a trip to China, state media reported.

A Chinese official said it was discovered that some recovered patients were infectious, suggesting that the epidemic may be even more difficult to eradicate than previously thought.

Lindmeier said WHO was carefully analyzing the reports of some people who became infected again.

In addition to storing medical supplies, some governments ordered the closure of schools and canceled large meetings to try to stop the flu-like illness.

The administration of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was considering invoking special powers to expand the production of protective equipment.

In Europe, Germany warned of an impending epidemic and Greece, a gateway for refugees from the Middle East, announced stricter border controls.

The death toll in Italy increased to 17 and those who tested positive increased to 655. Germany has almost 60 cases, France about 38 and Spain 23, according to a Reuters count.


South Korea has the majority of cases outside of China. He reported 571 new infections on Friday, with a total of 2,337, with 13 people killed.

The head of the WHO emergency program, Dr. Mike Ryan, said that Iran’s outbreak may be worse than is believed: its death toll is the highest outside of China. Tedros said he expected a WHO team to be in Iran on Sunday or Monday.

US intelligence agencies are monitoring the spread of the coronavirus in Iran and India, where only a few cases have been reported, sources said.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States had offered to help Iran, raising doubts about its willingness to share information.

Japan is scheduled to host the 2020 Olympics in July, but Ryan said they were discussing whether to move on.

The organizers will decide next week the relay of the ceremonial torch, which will arrive on March 20 for a 121-day trip. Confirmed cases in Japan have exceeded 200, with four deaths, excluding more than 700 cases in a quarantine cruise, Diamond Princess.

A British man infected on the ship had died, which raised the death toll among passengers to six, Kyodo Newswire reported.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had called for schools to close and promised to avoid a severe blow to an economy on the verge of recession.

In Moscow, authorities deported 88 foreigners who violated the quarantine measures, the RIA news agency said, citing the Moscow vice mayor.

Chinese-ruled Hong Kong, where the coronavirus killed two people and infected more than 90, quarantined a pet dog from a coronavirus patient after it was “weak positive,” although authorities had no evidence that The virus can be transmitted to pets.

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