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Update from Kumkum Bhagya, February 27: Pallavi believes that Ranbir and Rhea have feelings for each other


In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi asks Ranbir to relax and assures him that he will help him. Meera learns from the Kohli family that Ranbir and Maya’s marriage was arranged hard by the father of the latter. Abhi tells the Kohli family that he will talk to some politicians who can help him.

Rhea informs Alia that Ranbir and Maya’s marriage is arranged. Alia asks Rhea not to worry because Maya won’t marry Ranbir since she knows about her relationship and Ranbir’s. Ranbir is going to leave Prachi at home. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir for being upset with him and not trying to understand him. She promises Ranbir that she will always support him.

Maya tells her mother that she doesn’t want to marry Ranbir. Maya’s mother tells her that her father will not allow this marriage to be canceled. Prachi tells Saritaji and Shahana that Maya’s father threatened the Kohli family and arranged for Ranbir’s marriage to Maya. Rea calls Maya but does not receive her calls. Alia wonders why Maya was helping them for money even though she is the daughter of a politician. Alia asks Rhea to talk to Maya and make her understand that she has to cancel her marriage to Ranbir.

Rea assures Dabi de Ranbir that he will help him out of his problems. Pallavi asks Rhea if she feels anything for Ranbir. Rhea blushes and Pallavi understands that the first really likes Ranbir. Pallavi realizes that Ranbir is also paying attention to Rhea and believes that Ranbir also likes Rhea.

The next morning, Pragya asks Prachi why she is worried and Prachi says that someone has asked Maya to create problems in Ranbir’s life. She explains that Maya is taking money from someone who wants to ruin Ranbir’s reputation.

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