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Don’t drag judges to controversy: Judge SC Arun Mishra | India News


NEW DELHI: “Don’t drag judges to controversy,” Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra said on Friday when he learned of a matter related to the closure of a game school near the Khan market in the elegant Lutyens Delhi .

The observation, although made in a lighter line, becomes important in the wake of the recent controversy over its praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an International Judicial Conference here.

“Do not drag the judges to the controversy. I can say some good words for you (lead attorney AM Singhvi) as well, but then other people may have problems,” said Judge Mishra, who led the bench along with Judge Deepak Gupta .

Singhvi, who appeared on behalf of the management of the sealed game school, said it was located in front of the Khan market and that there were no serious violations of the rules justifying its sealing.

Judge Mishra said: “You also live in Khan Market. Several elite people reside in Khan Market.”

Singhvi replied: “I have left Lutyen’s Delhi about 30 years ago. Today, the Khan market may have become an abusive word, but it is a pleasant place. There are many good coffee shops.”

“Since India is a free country. I would like to be called an elite of the Khan market. I have even seen several judges buying in the Khan market.” He said on a lighter note.

To this, Judge Mishra said that judges should not be dragged into controversy and some good words for someone should be taken in the right spirit.

The bank, however, dismissed the game school case seeking direction to set aside the seal order.

Singhvi had argued that the school operates for almost three years and that children in nearby areas study there.

“There is no permanent construction. It is an open space. Many children of working couples residing in Lutyens Delhi come to this school,” said the lead lawyer.

The bank while dismissing the plea said: “Sorry, we are not with you.”

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