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Coronavirus in India: US spy agencies UU. They monitor the spread of the coronavirus, concerns about India: Sources | India News


WASHINGTON: US intelligence agencies UU. They are monitoring the worldwide spread of the coronavirus and the ability of governments to respond, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday, warning that there were concerns about how India could cope with a widespread outbreak.

While there are only a few known cases in India, one source said that the countermeasures available in the country and the potential for virus spread given the dense population of India were a matter of great concern.

Coronavirus outbreak: latest updates

US intelligence agencies are also focusing on Iran, where the country’s vice minister of health fell ill during an increasingly serious outbreak. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that the United States was “deeply concerned” that Tehran has hidden details about the spread of the coronavirus.

A source from the United States government said Iran’s response was considered ineffective because the government has only minimal capabilities to respond to the outbreak.

Another source said that US agencies were also concerned about the weak ability of governments in some developing countries to respond to an outbreak.

The Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives UU. He received information about the virus from spy agencies.

“The Committee received an information session from the IC (intelligence community) about the coronavirus and continues to receive updates on the outbreak on a daily basis,” an official with the House Intelligence Committee told Reuters.

“Addressing the threat has national and economic security dimensions, requires a concerted effort by the entire government and the IC is playing an important role in monitoring the spread of the outbreak and the global response,” the official added.

A source familiar with the activities of the Senate intelligence committee said committee leaders, Republican Senator Richard Burr and Democratic Senator Mark Warner, were receiving daily updates.

The role of US intelligence agencies UU. To respond to the coronavirus epidemic at this time involves mainly monitoring the spread of the disease throughout the world and evaluating the responses of governments.

They are working closely with health agencies, such as the US Center for Disease Control. UU., To share information they collect and point to greater intelligence gathering.

A source said US agencies would use a wide range of intelligence tools, from undercover informants to electronic spying tools, to track the impact of the virus.

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