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Violence in Delhi: Times Now reporter interrupted for questioning Kapil Mishra | India News


NEW DELHI: A Times Now reporter was interrupted Thursday when she tried to question BJP leader Kapil Mishra about the violence in Delhi.

Kapil Mishra is on the bench for those accused of giving incendiary speeches and inciting the crowd to violence.

In a speech on February 23, Kapil Mishra had threatened to take the law into his hands if the police did not eliminate the road blockade by anti-CAA protesters.

The leader, who maintained a low profile for the past two days due to violence in Delhi, appeared today in Jantar Mantar for a “peace march.”

When the Times Now reporter, Parvina Purkayastha, faced him with difficult questions, his followers tried to protect him.

According to Purkayastha, supporters of Kapil Mishra began to pull his microphone and snatch it when he was reporting on the ground.

In the video, some supporters are discussed arguing with Purkayastha. One of the women is seen getting up and snatching the microphone from her hands.

On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court ordered the police to make a “conscious decision” regarding the presentation of FIRs against alleged hate speech by three BJP leaders, including Kapil Mishra, regarding the violence of the CAA. The other two leaders are Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Verma.

On Sunday, Mishra had issued an ultimatum to the Delhi police to clean the streets of protesters against the Citizens Amendment Act.

“Give a three-day ultimatum to the Delhi police to clear the roads in Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh from the protesters. Do not try to reason with us after this, because we will not pay attention,” he tweeted in Hindi.

He also attached a video with his tweet and wrote: “We will keep the peace until Donald Trump is in India. After that, we refuse to listen even to the police if the roads are not clear … we will be forced to hit the streets. ”

After fueling the controversy over his comments, Mishra appealed to the people of Delhi on Monday to keep the peace and stop the violence.

“I call on everyone to stop the violence, which will not lead to any solution. Whether people support CAA or those who are against it, I appeal to everyone to keep the peace. The brotherhood of Delhi must remain intact “said Mishra. had said.

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