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Violence in Delhi: police received six intelligence warnings to increase security | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: The Delhi police received at least six alerts on Sunday warning of possible violence and requesting that deployment be intensified after

BJP Kapil Mishra official
He requested a meeting in the Maujpur of northeast Delhi. The clashes broke out the same afternoon and turned into complete riots the next day, but the police did not act on time.

The sources said that the special branch and the intelligence wing had sent multiple alerts via wireless radio messages to the northeast district and the police. The first alert to accelerate deployment and increase vigil was sent after Mishra posted a tweet at 1.22 p.m. asking people to meet in Maujpur Chowk at 3 p.m. to support the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA).




According to reports, the intelligence wing advised local police to increase surveillance in the area. More alerts were sent after stone inlays began in the area and mobs were seen gathering in the colonies, sources said.

The Delhi police, however, denied being lax because of these alerts. An officer, who did not wish to be identified, said the police took all possible measures after receiving the alert.

Violence of Delhi: live updates

“It was for this precise reason that a superior officer accompanied Mishra and made sure that he left the area as soon as possible. Despite the efforts, anti-CAA protesters began throwing stones at the Mishra group, which led to reprisals and subsequent clashes. However, the situation was under control in a short time, ”said the officer.

However, what happened on Monday showed that the police were not prepared to face the violence.

Violence in Delhi: police received six intelligence warnings to increase security | Delhi News

Riots in Delhi: the number of victims skyrockets to 27 even when violence decreases

The number of casualties in the riots in northeastern Delhi increased to 27 on Wednesday, even when the area limped toward normality without reporting any major incidents of violence during the day. The NSA Ajit Doval patrolled the areas affected by the riots with the newly appointed head of the law and order S N Shrivastava. Police filed 18 FIRs and arrested 106 people for their participation in the riots.

On Sunday, Mishra arrived in Jafrabad with his followers and party workers. In a speech, he gave a three-day ultimatum to the Delhi police to eliminate the blockade. Clashes broke out shortly after he left and tension burned in the area.

“Dilli Police ko teen din ka ultimatum. Jafrabad aur Chand Bagh ki sadkein khali karwaiye. Iske baad hamein mat samjhaiyega. Hum aapki bhi nahi sunenge. Sirf teen din (The Delhi police have a three-day ultimatum. Empty the roads in Jafrabad and Chand Bagh. After that, don’t explain anything to us. We won’t listen to you. Only three days), “Mishra wrote again at 5.11pm.

Mishra told TOI that anti-CAA protesters who had blocked the road in Chand Bagh forced him out and protest. “They have blocked two main roads, which will restrict the movement of more than 35 lakh people living in that part of the city. People cannot go to work, children cannot go to schools, “he said.

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