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Tahir Hussain: AAP councilor, Tahir Hussain, denies his involvement in the murder of the IB staff member | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: The AAP councilor, Tahir Hussain, denied Thursday that he was involved in the riots or in the murder of a member of the Intelligence Office (IB) staff whose family accused him of being behind the murder.

Ankit Sharma (26), who worked for the IB, disappeared on Tuesday and his body was found in a drain near his home in the Chand Bagh area, northeast of Delhi.

His family members said the local councilman and his associates were behind the murder. Hussain rejected the accusations.

“I came to know from news reports that blame me for the murder of a man. These are lies and unfounded accusations. For our safety, my family and I left our house on Monday in police presence,” he said. .

Hussain further said that there should be an impartial investigation of the incident and action should be taken against the culprit.

“It is wrong to attack me. I and my family have nothing to do with it,” he said.

The comments were made by Hussain in a video that was shared by the head of social networks of the AAP, Ankit Lal.

The main leader of the AAP, Sanjay Singh, said the party’s position remains clear that the strictest punishment should be taken against anyone associated with the spread of violence and added that Hussain has given his statement on the matter.

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