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Skip IPL if you feel exhausted: Kapil Dev | Cricket News


NEW DELHI: Former Indian captain Kapil Dev said that regular players in the Indian team may miss the Indian Premier League (IPL) if they believe the international calendar is too limited.

Indian captain Virat Kohli had mentioned at the beginning of India’s ongoing tour of New Zealand that they are approaching landing at the stadium and playing straight.

“If you think there is exhaustion, then don’t play IPL,” Kapil told reporters.

“There you are not representing your country. So, if you think you are exhausted, you can always take a break during the IPL. When you are representing your country, the feeling should be different,” he said.

Kapil also said that when they play for their country, players must do their best and this should not be compromised because they put a lot of energy into playing franchise cricket.

However, he declined to comment if he saw signs of exhaustion by Indian players during their recent loss to New Zealand in the first Test or during the ODI series in which they were bleached 3-0. “I don’t know. It’s very difficult and unfair for me to watch television and make a statement,” he said.

Kapil, who played 131 Tests and 225 ODI in an international race that spanned 16 years, said he felt the symptoms of exhaustion himself when he used to play. He said that feeling burned or not is both a mental and emotional state as well as a physical one.

“Many times, yes,” said the former versatile when asked if he felt exhausted during his illustrious career. “When you enter a series and keep playing, you burn when you don’t get races or wickets. But when you do, you never burn. You take seven wickets and play 20 to 30 per day, you don’t.” Don’t feel tired. You throw 10 laps and give away 80 races and you don’t choose a gate, you feel more tired, “he said.

“It’s very emotional. Your mind, your brain works like this. The performances make you very light and happy.”

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