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Right to protein declares February 27 as the first “Protein Day” in India


Protein Day will mark the beginning of an annual memorial day to bring the Indians towards the mission of protein awareness and sufficiency.


Mumbai, February 27, 2020: Right to protein, a nationwide public health initiative has launched India’s first IndiaProtein day“To draw public attention, raise awareness and educate India about the health benefits of proteins. Globally, many countries recognize February 27 as Protein Day and since this year India has also will unite this movement. A celebrated nationwide Protein day It will encourage Indian citizens in general to learn and learn more about the different types of available sources of vegetable and animal proteins and their importance in daily meals for better nutrition and health.

“Although India continues to make progress in the health sector, it is important for us to identify that transformation trigger that can put us on the path of long-term behavior change towards better health,” he said. Dr. Jagmeet Madan, Eminent Nutrition Expert, Professor, Director, Sir Vithaldas Thackersey Home Sciences College (Autonomous) SNDTWU, Mumbai and National President, Indian Dietetic Association. “We need a vibrant ecosystem of nutritionally conscious citizens, and the first step to begin a Protein Day in India that should put us on the right path of protein sufficiency,” he added.

The subject of India Protein Day 2020 It is set to act as a reminder for all Indians to ask themselves and others daily: #ProteinMeinKyaHai. The key objective through the activities of the day and beyond will be to spread more knowledge about proteins and achieve a change in behavior by persuading the Indians to eat adequate protein at each meal. at least a quarter of a plate. To convey this message to Indian households, the Right to Protein initiative has also launched a cheerful informative video which reinforces the need to include proteins in all our meals.

“We are happy to be part of the first Indian Protein Day, an initiative that aims to raise awareness about protein and food in India. With this, we want to help create opportunities to defend the integration of protein sufficiency into national and local policies, programs and projects. The idea is to encourage Indians, both urban and rural, to pay more attention to the consumption of adequate amounts of protein in their daily meals. ” Ramesh Khatri, president of the Poultry Federation of India.

The Right To Protein initiative has produced several resources for people to become more protein conscious. When logging in www.righttoprotein.com, you can easily access Protein-O-Meter tool that calculates the basis of a person’s daily protein requirements with individual basic information such as body profile, lifestyle type and meals consumed at different times during the day In addition to information on the possible protein gap, The platform also provides information on protein-rich foods through Protein index guide, healthy habits, tips and myths about protein Blogs of the right to protein.

About the “Right to Protein” initiative: Right To Protein is India’s first consumer communication and advocacy initiative backed by several Indians, people, academics, professionals and institutions with like-minded ideas, and also has worldwide support. In its initial phase, the initiative is open to all Indians who wish to join and / or contribute to the initiative in any capacity, including the provision of knowledge, technical support or as promotional partners. In addition, this initiative will develop an ecosystem of professionals to boost protein knowledge and discredit myths and misconceptions about protein as a critical macronutrient for human health. The ecosystem will also aim to improve the quality and consistency of the different types of proteins consumed in India and, therefore, lead to increased protein consumption by livestock, birds and fish / aquaculture (cultivation of fish and shrimp).

For more information, visit the www.righttoprotein.com and follow @righttoprotein in Twitter, FacebookY Instagram Or contact: [email protected]

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