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Rajinikanth: Actor Rajinikanth criticizes the Center, Kamal Haasan says ‘sabash’ | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Actor Rajinikanth blamed the failure of intelligence on Wednesday for violence in New Delhi. Any violence must be stifled with an iron hand, he said and added that this should not have been allowed when world leaders such as the president of the United States, Donald Trump, were in India.

“It is a total failure of the central intelligence. The intelligence failure of the Ministry of Interior of the Union. I strongly condemn it. They should quell the violence with an iron hand or else they should give up and leave,” said Rajinikanth, his high pitched tone. of anger while talking with media representatives outside his residence Poes Garden. “They should have been so careful when the president of the United States (Donald) Trump had visited (the country). The intelligence did not do its job correctly. (The violence) should have been completely crushed with an iron fist. We hope you are careful at least from now on, “he added.

The actor said such protests should be cut at the root. “The protests in Delhi have gone too far. If they are not controlled now, it will lead to bigger problems in the future,” he said. “I always tell the truth. But it hurts when certain people, especially the main political observers and critics, say that I am promoting BJP’s thoughts and that BJP is behind me. It is not true,” he said.

Rajinikanth’s condemnation of the violence in Delhi found immediate support in Makkal Needhi Maiam’s actor and president, Kamal Haasan. “Sabaash, my friend Rajinikanth,” Kamal tweeted in Tamil, welcoming his booth. “This is the right path. It is not a lonely road, but one that the whole state walks through. Welcome and congratulations,” Kamal Haasan tweeted. Kamal was apparently digging into Rajnikanth’s famous film dialogue with a political hint, ‘En vazhi, thani vazhi’ (My path is a separate path).

Earlier, to a question about a Union minister who delivered an incendiary speech that allegedly triggered the violence, Rajnikanth said that just because one person said it, it is not right to blame the entire government for it. “I condemn anyone who instigates people in the name of religion. I ask the media to be neutral and not give space for provocative speeches and violence,” he said.

“I mentioned clearly before that if a Muslim is affected by the CAA, I will go out and lead the protests,” Rajinikanth said, reiterating his previous statement. “The CAA law was passed by both houses of Parliament and was approved by the president. I don’t think it will be withdrawn by the Center. People can protest. But there should be no place for violence,” he said. .

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