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Intercell trains students and universities to boost education 4.0


A couple of years ago, the World Economic Forum announced the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0. Given its nature and the disruptive technologies that will drive it, there is much at stake for students and young professionals, as it will affect their lives and the future of jobs.

With rapidly changing technologies, the struggle between the tasks performed by humans and those performed by machines may seem to be rapidly reaching its peak, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. New sets of jobs are emerging, jobs that will place greater value on Human Skills and EQ will become the order of the day. Therefore, the education system needs to produce better human competence to boost ML & AI. With no remaining option, Education has metamorphosed to quickly adapt to a new avatar: Education 4.0.

Education 4.0 will cause a change that will place the student at the center of a futuristic ecosystem. Education will be demand driven, based on competition, will incorporate disruptive technologies and will be a lifelong affair. Entrepreneurship and other dynamic options will emerge as preferred options; therefore, our educational systems must have to allow provisions in their curriculum to encourage and foster mentality. Education and the many ways in which it manifests itself in learning allow an individual to have a successful livelihood.

Intercell is an idea born from Education 4.0 and introduces a new concept of “mentoring”. Arunabh Varma, founder and CEO of Intercell, quotes: “Universities around the world are moving forward and adopting this Intercell initiative.” Of all the facilities available to a student or a young professional, the advantage of being advised by an experienced professional so far was unheard of. A large percentage of students followed the mainstream and took academic courses under peer pressure or made career decisions about advice and advice that led to unnecessary resentment and stress later. This phenomenon is also the main reason why the right candidates get caught in the wrong jobs. Intercell’s intervention is a blessing to millions of young people around the world. By aligning teaching and learning methods [by a mentor] With the necessary skills in the industry, universities can now be sure that they are successfully preparing their students for the fourth industrial revolution.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Intercell by the Mediawire team.

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