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The Supreme Court, once again, postponed Shaheen Bagh’s issue until March 23, reinforcing a disturbing trend in which the country’s superior court decides that there is no real urgency to decide what can only be described as an issue. glowing. From the annulment of article 370 to the detention of local leaders in Kashmir, and from the Law on Citizenship (Amendment), or CAA, to the blockade of Shaheen Bagh, the court has taken its time on matters that continue to affect India . Of course, these are complex problems. Of course, almost all are cases in which the government is a party. Of course, there is politics involved. And of course, there are ongoing protests, sometimes violent, related to the underlying problems. But these are all reasons to rule fast and rule clearly.

Shaheen Bagh has been, for more than two months, the site of a protest sitting against the CAA. Protesters have blocked a main road between Delhi and its Noida satellite, causing inconveniences and difficulties to thousands, every day. His presence there is also a red flag for others, and the people of Delhi should consider a miracle that there have been no incidents or adverse clashes on the site. After all, a similar protest in Jafrabad by an anti-CAA group led to a pro-CAA protest by another group, and between Saturday and Tuesday, parts of northeast Delhi witnessed a communal disturbance in full rule, leaving at least 23 dead and about 240 injured.

In all these cases, the nature of the final verdict is important. However, equally important is that there is a verdict. This will provide some kind of closure to interested parties and will also allow the return of normality, at least to some extent. For example, some of the protesters in Shaheen Bagh (there is no group leader) have said they will move to another protest site if the Supreme Court rules that they do. And the Delhi police, responsible for cleaning the protest site, as well as the security of the protesters, has chosen to await the court’s ruling. By choosing not to approve an order, but noting that the roads are not intended to be blocked indefinitely for protests, the Supreme Court has left everyone hanging. It is not clear what will happen now. What is clear is that Shaheen Bagh remains, at the same time, the site of the most successful Occupy movement in the world and a time bomb.

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