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IB officer killed: Mob took a young officer from the Intelligence Office, threw his body into the drain News from Delhi

NEW DELHI: For the family of Ankit Sharma, a 26-year-old Intelligence Office official whose body was recovered on Wednesday, is a nightmare that will never end. He had “disappeared” around 5 p. M. After leaving his home in Chand Bagh, he has seen some of the worst riots in northeast Delhi, to “assess the situation outside.”

“There was a crowd outside the house and they were burning everything,” recalled his mother, Sudha Sharma, sobbing. “I had seen them while returning home. He came here, left his things and did not drink a drop of water before going out with some neighbors to verify what was wrong. He did not return. ”


The mother’s long wait ended around 12 p.m. Wednesday with the tragic news of her son’s death. A group of men had seen a body in a drain in the neighborhood around noon and dove to fish it. They recognized Ankit and informed his father. The body was taken to the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital. He had been seriously assaulted.

As family and friends began arriving at the young official’s house, his anger and his sense of betrayal were evident. They alleged that a local politician was responsible for the murder and added that the police did not pay attention when they were told that a mafia had dragged Ankit. It didn’t matter that his father, Ravinder Kumar, was in the Delhi police.

“The mafia was made up of at least 500 people. They had come prepared and there were gasoline pumps stored in the house of the politician. Before we could react, they beat him and dragged him. We couldn’t do anything, ”said a neighbor, who claimed to have accompanied Ankit to the main road where the violence was taking place. TOI tried to talk to the politician, but he didn’t answer.

His father, Kumar, said they began to worry when Ankit did not return at night. “Then we went to look for him in a trauma center at Kashmere Gate and AIIMS, but we couldn’t find him. So, we went to file a complaint at the Khajuri Khas police station. They sent us back,” he said.

Even when the issue became politicized and the neighbors gathered outside the house and raised controversial slogans, the family continued to talk about the compassionate young man who perfectly balanced his duty and his family. Sudha talked about the last time she left her house. On Monday, Ankit had taken her “by force” to an ophthalmologist. His vision was getting blurry and he insisted on taking her to the nearby clinic.

“I have an older son, but Ankit was taking care of the family … He made sure I saw the doctor before going to work two days ago. That was the last time I spent time with him, ”he said. Inconsolable, the mother kept asking for “justice for her son.”

“A murder case has been registered. All accusations are being investigated, ”said Northeast DCP, Ved Prakash Surya.

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed his condolences. “Such a tragic loss of life. The guilty must not be saved. 20 people have already lost their lives. It is so painful to see the people of Delhi suffer. Pray for us to recover from this tragedy soon as we work together to undo the harm done to people in communities, ”Kejriwal wrote on Twitter.

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