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I cannot allow another 1984 to occur, not under our supervision: Delhi HC on violence | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday expressed concern about the violence in northeastern Delhi and said it cannot allow other disturbances such as the one in 1984 to occur under its supervision.

A bank in the division of Judge S Muralidhar and Judge Anup Jairam Bambani also asked some of the highest state officials and central governments to meet personally with the victims and their families and scheduled the matter for Friday.

“We cannot allow another scenario of 1984 (anti-Sikhs riots) to happen again in this country. Not under the supervision of this court,” the bank said.

The court also expressed concern over reports of the murder of an officer of the Intelligence Office (IB) in the violence in northeastern Delhi and called it “very unfortunate.”

He also ordered the establishment of help tables for immediate help to victims and ordered that private ambulances be provided for the safe passage of victims.

After highlighting the need to restore confidence, the Superior Court said that this is the time to approach people and assure them. “It must be done as soon as possible,” the bank said.

The court also ordered the establishment of shelters for victims with basic facilities such as blankets, medicines, food and sanitation on a war footing and said that night shelters and community halls will also be used for the same.

The Superior Court also appointed attorney Zubeda Begum as amicus curiae to coordinate between the victims and various agencies in the matter related to medical assistance and the safe passage of victims.

The court, while listening to a petition seeking instructions for the Delhi Police to provide medical assistance to those injured in the violence, also thanked the speed with which the Delhi Police acted.

Twenty people died, while hundreds of others were injured in the violence that occurred in northeastern Delhi between two factions by the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) on Monday and Tuesday.

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