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Do you need protection during oral sex? We tell you the truth


From giving head to lowering, there are many synonyms for oral sex, but they all mean the same thing: any type of sexual activity where a person’s tongue, mouth and lips come into contact with another person’s genitals. While many of us are aware of using protection during penetrating sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies and contracting STIs, not much is known about the use of protection during oral sex. However, it is not surprising that people are not accustomed to using condoms during cunnilingus or anilingus. This is because a condom or latex with a taste in the mouth is not something that most people relate to.

Should you use a condom during oral sex?

Oral sex is often perceived as less risky compared to penetrative sex or “real sex.” This cannot be further from the truth, since even if you cannot get pregnant during oral sex, you can definitely get STIs (sexually transmitted disease). Yes, you read it right. In addition, the risk is multiplied if any of you have bleeding gums, mouth, vaginal or penile ulcers. While the risk of contracting most STIs of oral sex is less than for vaginal or anal sex, there is still a risk of transmission and more people should be aware of the same.

Does unprotected oral sex increase the risk of throat cancer?

While oral sex does not lead directly to throat cancer, it can spread HPV (human papillomavirus), which increases the chance of cancer. This virus triggers precancerous changes in cells and is known to be one of the main risk factors for mouth cancer.

There are several strains of HPV that can cause an infection. Some of these are carcinogenic. If you are infected with a particular strain of the virus, you can increase your chances of getting throat cancer.

How can you protect yourself from STIs during oral sex?

While the risk of getting nasty STIs during oral sex is even lower compared to vaginal or anal sex, it still exists. If you are not careful during oral intercourse, you can get any of the STIs you can get through normal intercourse, including:

1.Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

2 chlamydia

3 herpes

4 syphilis

To protect against STIs, you should consider the use of condoms and dental protectors. It is important to keep in mind that condoms do not cover all the genital tissue of the penis, but still provide a considerable amount of protection. One can use female latex or polyurethane condoms or dental prey while lying to a woman. For the uninitiated, dental prey covers the lips, clitoris and vagina. As they are not readily available in the market, they can be done by cutting the tip and ring of the penis and making a square of latex.

The bottom line

In addition to using protection while enjoying oral sex, encourage each other to get tested every two weeks after having unprotected sex. If you are not someone who likes condoms and dental condoms, we suggest you stick to mutual masturbation and use sex toys.

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