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Coronavirus in China: government prepares to evacuate remaining Wuhan Indians affected by the virus | India News


BEIJING: India is preparing to evacuate a large group of its citizens, who are trapped in the city of Wuhan, hit by the Chinese coronavirus, by a special IAF plane, which is expected to land there with medical supplies from I help on Wednesday.
“We are working on our plan to operate the relief flight tomorrow,” said a message from the Indian Embassy sent to the Indians who signed up to take the special flight.
It was expected that 90 to 100 Indians would board the flight.
India has also expressed its willingness to evacuate citizens from neighboring countries.
India announced several days ago plans to send the largest C-17 Globemaster aircraft of the Indian Air Force with medical supplies to China. Indian officials blamed China for not granting the required authorization, a charge that Beijing denies.
However, officials here said Tuesday that the special flight is expected to land in Wuhan on Wednesday as the necessary permits are obtained. Bring relief supplies such as medical gloves, suits and other materials to be used in efforts to combat COVID-19 in China.
The death toll from coronavirus reached 2,663, while the number of confirmed cases increased to 77,658, Chinese officials said Tuesday.
India operated two special Air India flights on February 1 and 2 and transported 647 Indian citizens, mostly students, and seven cursed citizens by plane.
About 100 people were expected to join the third flight that would take them to Delhi, where they would be subjected to quarantine in special camps.
The previous lots were kept in an army camp in Manesar.
On a special note to the Indians in Wuhan and Hubei province who wanted to be evacuated, the mission informed them that arrangements were being made to pick them up and take them to the airport.
“The representatives of the Embassy who are already in contact with you individually will advise you directly regarding the exact time of pick-up. We are making arrangements for your pick-up and transfer to Wuhan airport in vehicles hired by the Embassy,” says the note .
“They are asked to prepare to leave tomorrow morning taking into account the points mentioned in the notice already issued on this group,” the note told the Indians.
“Keep in mind that these arrangements are still tentative and subject to change. We appreciate your understanding and patience,” he said.
The Indian ambassador to China, Vikram Misri, said recently that previous evacuations were difficult and a logistical nightmare since Hubei province and its capital, Wuhan, had been blocked since January 23 with a total ban on transportation services.

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