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Case Sheena Bora: Sheena Bora was alive after the “murder”, says Indrani Mukerjea | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: During discussions about his fifth bail statement, the murder of Sheena Bora indicted Indrani Mukerjea and told the CBI special court on Tuesday that the victim was alive six months after his alleged murder on April 24, 2012 and was with his fiance Rahul Mukerjea. Citing Rahul’s call data records, Indrani noted an exchange of text messages allegedly between him and Sheena since September 2012.

“The evidence they have trusted to accuse me of the murder of Sheena establishes that she was alive and with Rahul on September 26, 27 and 28, 2012,” Indrani said. She read the alleged messages of September 27, 2012. One of Rahul, said, was: “Baba I’m in the parking lot. Come to na.”

Indrani said that Sheena responded “5 minutes, bubs” and then Rahultexted, “Eh chalo jaldi”.

Indrani said: “This is happening six months after his alleged murder. This explains why none of the bodies (two sets of remains that allegedly CBI were from Sheena) coincide with those of Sheena.” Indrani noted that this contradicts the IWC’s claims that she was last seen with Sheena the night she was killed.

Indrani said no one could say that he had sent these messages to Rahul, since he was in England at the time. “And also, it would be very strange if Rahul in the whole message talks about coming there in ten minutes, sitting in the parking lot and then Indrani walks down (instead of Sheena). It’s not possible,” Indrani said. She said she had reviewed 4,000 messages before finding them.

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