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US lawmakers express concern over Delhi’s violence | India News


WASHINGTON: The deadly violence on the amended citizenship law in the Indian capital provoked strong reactions from US lawmakers with the mainstream media that reported it prominently along with President Donald Trump’s recently concluded visit.
In reaction to the violence in New Delhi that claimed at least 24 lives, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives said its president, Eliot Engel, was “deeply concerned about deaths from community violence in India.”
He said the right to protest is a key aspect in democracy, but they must remain peaceful and the police must guarantee the safety of all.
“I condemn the attacks against Muslims in India and reject violence, bigotry and religious intolerance. The US Department of State should also do so,” Republican legislator Don Beyer tweeted.

US congresswoman Pramila Jayapal said “the deadly increase in religious intolerance in India is horrible.”
“Democracies should not tolerate division and discrimination or promote laws that undermine religious freedom,” he tweeted, adding that “the world is watching.”

US lawmakers express concern over Delhi's violence | India News

Parliament had passed the Citizenship Amendment Act (AAC) last year, which resulted in a series of protests across the country.
Congressman Alan Lowenthal also called the violence a “tragic failure of moral leadership.”
“We must denounce the threats to human rights in India,” he said.
Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren said: “It is important to strengthen relations with democratic partners like India. But we must be able to speak honestly about our values, including religious freedom and freedom of expression, and violence against peaceful protesters is never acceptable. ” ”
Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted: “This week, Trump visited India, but the real story should be community violence targeting Muslims in Delhi at this time. We cannot remain silent as this wave of anti-Muslim violence continues throughout India. ”

US lawmakers express concern over Delhi's violence | India News

The violence in Delhi stood out in the mainstream media.
“The riots represent a serious escalation of tensions after months of protests in response to a controversial citizenship law and increasing friction between supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government,” the Washington Post reported.
“While President Trump toured the capital of India, at least 11 people died in communal clashes that overturned a working-class neighborhood,” said the New York Times.
In a tweet, the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom said it is alarmed by reports of “deadly mafia violence targeting Muslims in New Delhi.”
He urged the Modi government to control the mafia and protect religious minorities.

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