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The toll rises to 27 even when violence decreases | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The number of disturbance victims in northeastern Delhi increased to 27 on Wednesday, even when the area limped toward normality without reporting any major incidents of violence during the day. The last victim was a young Intelligence Office official, Ankit Sharma, whose body was found floating in a drain in the Chand Bagh area on Wednesday morning.

Sharma worked as a security assistant at IB and had been missing since Tuesday night. His family claimed that a local politician was behind his disappearance on Tuesday, shortly after he returned home. His neighbors had seen him get carried away by a crowd.

Hospital sources said the number of victims could increase as many of the injured were fighting for their lives. Only the GTB Hospital has 183 people admitted to several rooms with gunshots, stabs and blunt wounds.

Meanwhile, after a nighttime peacekeeping operation, led by national security adviser Ajit Doval, the Delhi police managed to regain control of the protesters’ area. Police filed 18 FIRs and arrested 106 people, mostly between Tuesday night and Wednesday, for their participation in the riots.

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Doval was in northeast Delhi since Tuesday night. After planning the course of action for the force, he patrolled the areas affected by the riots with the newly appointed head of the law and the order S N Shrivastava until dawn, only to return on Wednesday afternoon. First he reviewed the developments and then visited the residential areas, knocked on people’s doors and guaranteed them security. Doval met with residents of both communities and instilled confidence in them. “What has happened has happened … Inshallah, there will be complete peace here,” he said. When a girl approached Doval to complain that the police were not doing their job correctly, Doval responded firmly: “Karegi … ab karegi …”

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal also visited the areas affected by the Shiv Vihar and Karawal Nagar riots on Wednesday night. Previously, I had assessed the situation in the DCP office (Northeast). He also announced a compensation of Rs 1 crore for the family of police chief Ratan Lal, who died on Monday with violence and promised a job in government to a family member.

The Delhi police, it is known, has devised a complete plan to handle the riots and their aftermath. The northeast of Delhi has been divided into three zones, each supervised by a joint commissioner who will be assisted by two or three officers of the DCP rank. The joint commissioner received one company, while the DCP and the additional DCP each received two companies. The entire area of ​​disturbances has been divided into 10 sectors. Police and paramilitary forces will patrol these sectors to ensure peace in the interior lanes, while another group will be deployed to the entrance and exit of the lanes.

Critical points and additional forces stationed there have been identified. On Wednesday, 40 additional force companies were deployed in the area with clear instructions so that the police would not allow any failures. The police are also considering forming a SIT to investigate the cases presented by them.

As a result of Tuesday’s shake in the Delhi Police, the force seemed much safer and more proactive throughout the day. The change in attitude was visible from the morning. Police officers patrolled the entire district with the head of law and order in front of the team. Road marches were conducted by senior officers in the area and drone surveillance was also carried out widely. Police scanned the rooftops and street corners in search of stones, bottles, bombs and weapons.

In the Khureji area, where a group of about 600-700 protesters attempted to block the road and fall into violence, the police moved quickly and dispersed them. Six people in front of the mafia were arrested.

“No unfavorable incident was reported on Wednesday and PCR calls from northeast Delhi have been reduced,” said additional commissioner (crime) Mandeep Singh Randhawa. Police also released two helpline numbers: 011-22829334 and 22829335, so that people in danger can communicate and provide information related to violence. “The criminals who created problems are being identified. There are CCTV images and compelling evidence,” he added.

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