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The Minorities Commission of Delhi demands the imposition of curfew in areas affected by violence | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: The Delhi Minorities Commission appealed to Deputy Governor Anil Baijal on Tuesday for the imposition of a curfew in the areas affected by the violence, after 11 people died in clashes and fires caused by the new citizenship law. In a letter to Baijal, the president of DMC, Zafarul Islam Khan, expressed his fear that the violence may intensify after the departure of US President Donald Trump.

“The situation may get worse tomorrow after President Trump leaves tonight. Please treat this as urgently as any delay will result in more loss of life and damage,” Khan said in his letter demanding the imposition of the curfew on the areas affected by violence.

He also requested the Deputy Governor to order the police to verify the violence and take action against those involved.

Khan also issued a notice to the Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) of the Northeast District to send more forces to the affected areas.

The DMC also asked DCP Northeast to submit its response and action report taken on a number of related problems, and to help people wishing to leave the area and escort the injured to reach nearby hospitals, he said.

Delhi police said on Tuesday that 10 people, including a police officer, have died in violence in northeastern Delhi and are responding to incidents involving anti-social elements. Fifty-six police officers and 130 civilians were injured so far, they said.

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