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Delhi: QR code travel passes available for multiple trips on the airport subway line from Monday | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: From Monday onwards, passengers using the Delhi Metro Airport Express line will be able to use the QR or quick response code generated on their smartphones for multiple trips, instead of buying or recharging their passes at the counters of ticket sales.
According to a statement issued by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), with the introduction of this new facility, travelers who used travel passes on the airport line, similar to smart cards used in other subway lines, can now use the QR code generated on your phones to make multiple trips.
The 40 percent discount per trip available on travel passes “will continue to be available on travel-based tickets with QR code enabled,” said DMRC.
Currently, the installation of the QR code was available on the airport line only for a single trip between a station of origin and a destination station, such as ticket coins on other subway lines.
With the new facility, passengers no longer need to queue to recharge their passes or generate a QR code after each trip, DMRC said.
Passengers can now purchase travel-based tickets using the ‘Ridlr’ or ‘PayTM’ applications without having to go to the ticket counter at a subway station.
Travelers should keep in mind that you can only buy a travel pass with QR code per PayTM or Ridlr account at a given time.
All they have to do is download one of the two applications and sign up for them with their valid credentials, including mobile phone number and email identification.
From then on, they can proceed to buy a travel ticket based on a QR code by selecting the station of origin and the destination station and selecting the number of trips: 10, 30 or 45.
The QR code for 10 trips would be valid for 15 days, while those for 30 or 45 trips would be for 30 days, according to the DMRC statement.
By selecting the number of trips between the selected stations, the application will show the fee to be paid through Internet banking, credit or debit cards, UPI and electronic wallet. Once the payment is made, the user will receive a notification.
Thereafter, the application will display the QR code for trips and the user can enter or exit the metro stations on the airport line by touching the code on their telephone screens against automatic fare collection doors (AFC ) enabled for QR.
Once a trip is concluded, a trip will be deducted from the QR code ticket, the statement said and added that the six metro stations of the Airport Express line have been provided with a set of two AFC doors each to enter and exit through the QR enabled system.
Some additional information that travelers should keep in mind is that a travel pass based on a QR code will be valid only for the trip from the ‘origin’ station to the ‘destination’ station.
A travel pass with a QR code will be marked as expired or consumed, whether the validity of the pass expires first or the number of trips allowed is consumed.
A customer with an active travel pass can buy a new one only after the asset has been consumed, expired or canceled. However, there is no refund for cancellation of a travel pass with a QR code.
Another thing that travelers should keep in mind is that, in case of overtime or travel / change of destination, the customer must generate a penalty ticket after paying the corresponding penalty fee, DMRC said.
“In the case of a change of destination, the penalty rate will include the difference in rate between the stations and the surcharge (if applicable),” the DRMC statement said.

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