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Delhi clashes: Sonia Gandhi demands the resignation of Amit Shah | India News


NEW DELHI: The Acting President of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, said Wednesday that the Union government is responsible for the violent situation in Delhi and demanded the resignation of the Interior Minister.
Without naming Amit Shah, Sonia Gandhi said: “The interior minister of the Union must assume responsibility for the violence in Delhi and must resign.”
Sonia said that a deliberate atmosphere of fear and hate has been created in the capital. The leader of the Congress addressed the press conference after a meeting of the Congress Working Committee.
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“There is a conspiracy behind the violence, the country also saw this during the Delhi elections. Many BJP leaders made inciting comments creating an atmosphere of fear and hate,” he said.
The congressional leader also referred to the speech of the BJP leader in which he had given an ultimatum to the Delhi Police to eliminate the anti-CAA protesters within three days, in case he did not take the matter into his hands .
“In recent days, the inaction of the Delhi police led to the loss of twenty lives. A police officer was also killed,” he said.
“The Delhi police have been paralyzed in the last 72 hours. So far about 18 lives have been lost, including a police chief and hundreds are in the hospital, many with gunshot wounds. Violence continues incessantly. streets of northeast Delhi. ” additional.
At the CWC meeting, Congress passed a resolution demanding answers to the following questions:

  • Where was the Interior Minister and what was he doing since last Sunday?
  • Where was the Chief Minister of Delhi and what was he doing since last Sunday?
  • What were the reports given by the intelligence agencies in the days immediately following the conclusion of the Delhi elections and to this day?
  • What was the strength of the police force deployed on Sunday night when there were clear indications that violence will erupt?
  • Why were the additional security forces not immediately called when it was clear that the situation was beyond the control of the Delhi police?

In its resolution, Congress also demanded the deployment of additional security forces and the formation of peace communities.
“Appropriate security forces must be deployed immediately to control the situation. Peace committees must be formed in each mohalla composed of members from all communities to ensure there are no adverse incidents. High officials must be deployed in each district to take charge. of the administration to ensure that the administrative machinery responds to the evolution of the situation. The Chief Minister of Delhi must be visible in the affected areas and in constant communication with the people, “he said.
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