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The violence shakes the northeast of Delhi again, the number increases to 13; Amit Shah announces meeting with LG, CM and senior police | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Smoke fluttered in the air and mobs roamed the streets uncontrollably, burned stores, threw stones and threatened the locals, while a new violence ravaged northeast Delhi, killing six other people on Tuesday and charging price.

communal clashes
on the amended citizenship law to 13.

As the tension increased in the northeast of the national capital and the sun set on another restless day, violence went through several locations, including Chand Bagh and Bhajanpura, with stones and other missiles thrown and shops burned.


The rioters damaged two fire shots in Gokulpuri and crowds raising incendiary slogans set on fruit cars, rickshaws and everything that crossed the epicenter of the Maujpur problem and other places.

With US President Donald Trump also in the city, Delhi police increased security. He fired tear gas shells to disperse the protesters, armed with stones, bars and even swords and many with helmets to protect themselves, and was assisted by paramilitary personnel.

The streets were full of shattered remains of vehicles, burnt bricks and tires, mute testimony of the violence and bloodshed that a communal stain took on Monday and wounded some 180 people, including 48 police personnel.

Previously, according to the Medical Superintendent of the GTB Hospital Sunil Kumar, six people were pronounced dead on Tuesday, with the death toll at 13. At least 35 injured people were also taken to the hospital on Tuesday.

“Fifty percent of the injured have suffered gunshot wounds,” Kumar added.

While the violence continued incessantly, police officers said the situation was under control and flag marches were held in Bhajanpura, Khajuri Khas and elsewhere.

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah called a meeting with the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Anil Baijal, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Police Chief, Amulya Patnaik, and others to address the situation.

The meeting resolved that political party workers should unite to restore peace and peace committees should be reactivated in all locations.

In scenes that were not seen in the national capital for decades, frantic groups hit people on the road and smashed vehicles.

The media were also attacked.

Akshay, a JK 24X7 News journalist, received a gunshot wound and was in a serious condition in the hospital, and two NDTV reporters were beaten and beaten by troublemakers. Many other journalists were interrupted and told to return. Schools closed and fearful residents stayed inside while restless crowds roamed the streets, apparently regardless of the prohibitive orders restricting the gathering of more than four people imposed on Monday.

“There is almost no police presence in the area. The rioters run around threatening people, tearing up shops. Families need to be evacuated. We are not safe in our own homes,” said a Maujpur resident, asking for anonymity.

Another added that this is the first time in 35 years, possibly since the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, which has seen a situation like this. “The area had always remained at peace,” he told PTI.

The problems continued throughout the day.

Around 5 p.m. in Chand Bagh, for example, security personnel were thrown with stones. They chased the mafia, only to be attacked again with some people also armed with gasoline bombs.

A few residents in Yamuna Vihar and Jaffrabad told PTI that they had seen troublemakers with swords in their hands.

The 13 dead include the Delhi police chief, Ratan Lal. While Lal died of gunshot wounds, it is still unclear what killed the others or who they all were.

Among those killed were Vinod Kumar, a Ghonda resident who was taken dead to the hospital and whose body is in the morgue of Jag Parvesh Hospital.

Mohammad Furkan of Kardampuri, near Jafrabad, who married in 2014 and has two children also died. His brother, Mohammed Imran, overwhelmed by pain, said they were both in the craft business.

“He had gone to get some food for his children. Someone told me that he had been shot. I couldn’t believe it because I had met him just an hour before. I kept calling him … Then I ran to the GTB Hospital where they told me he’s dead,” he told reporters, sobbing wildly outside the hospital.

Imran blamed the tweet of the BJP leader, Kapil Mishra, and gave the Delhi police an ultimatum to clean the streets of the protesters and said people would be quiet only until Trump is in India.

“Before that, everything was at peace,” he said.

A person seen wielding a gun before police on Monday was identified as Shah Rukh and has still been arrested. Police said 11 FIRs have been filed.

Kejriwal, who held a meeting with senior officials and MLA from all sides to discuss the situation, asked people to refrain from violence and said that all problems can be addressed through dialogue.

“Stop this madness,” he said after visiting the injured at the GTB Hospital.

“I met the people who were injured, I also met some people who suffered gunshot wounds. The main concern is to stop the violence. I call on everyone to stop the violence,” he said.

Five stations on the Delhi Metro Pink Line closed for the second consecutive day on Tuesday following the problem.

Deputy Police Commissioner (Shahdara), Amit Sharma, underwent an operation on Monday night for the head injury suffered during the clashes.

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