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Police, another 4 die as clashes and arson N-E Delhi | India News


NEW DELHI: A wide strip of northeastern Delhi, from Jafrabad to Chand Bagh and Karawal Nagar, was shaken by communal riots and incidents of rampant vandalism on Monday when anti-pro-CAA groups clashed for more than seven hours.

He left fires burning in the streets, which were full of stones, bricks and glass, with smoke that marked the landscape. The shooting with stones, the shooting and the fires left a policeman and four others dead while more than 60 were injured. These include two dozen police officers, including a DCP, bystanders and protesters.

When night fell, incidents were still reported with a very volatile situation. Prohibitive orders have been imposed under Section 144 of CrPC in areas affected by violence. The curfew could be imposed at any time if the situation worsened.

Security personnel conducted flag marches at night and additional forces were deployed, including the CRPF.

The deceased policeman was identified as police chief Ratan Lal. It is reported that DCP (Shahdara) Amit Sharma, currently in the ICU, is critical of serious head injuries and clots and bruises throughout the body. He was taken out of his official vehicle in Chand Bagh and set on fire.

It is unclear whether the five died from gunshot wounds or blunt force trauma. The official confirmation of the cause of death will be done only after the autopsy on Tuesday. The police chief was killed in Gokulpuri while the others were taken to the GTB Hospital from undisclosed locations and declared dead upon arrival.

ACP (Gokulpuri) Anuj Kumar, two CRPF staff members and three firefighters were also injured. Many journalists were mistreated. It is known that the Delhi police have submitted multiple FIRs in relation to violence. He has also submitted four FIRs regarding Sunday’s violence in the same area.

The area had witnessed protests and sporadic clashes on Sunday and it is a mystery how the police could not anticipate and contain the situation.

Violence was reported in Jafrabad, Chand Bagh, Maujpur, Bhajanpura, Kardampuri, Gokulpuri, Khajuri and Karawal Nagar while frantic mobs attacked burning vehicles, tents and a gasoline pump and attacking anyone who crossed their path or suspected that They were from the other religion.

The launch of full-fledged stones began between the anti and pro-CAA groups around 10.30 in the morning in various areas of Jafrabad and its surroundings. The violence soon intensified, taking a communal turn. The mobs continued to grow in strength, and in a short time, the two sides threw stones at each side of the Yamuna channel, which runs parallel to the Metro tracks.

In Maujpur, protesters not only threw stones but also burned three vehicles and shops that closed their blinds. At least one house was burned and columns of smoke were seen coming out of the balcony. Protesters were also seen assaulting a man after taking him down. They shouted slogans and didn’t let him go even though he was bleeding.

Violence increased further around 1pm when protesters set fire to a gasoline pump in Bhajanpura. Two school buses were also burned at the border of Bhajanpura-Yamuna Vihar. All the main roads were covered with bricks, stones and glass fragments. In Bhajanpura Chowk, protesters damaged the fire after responding to an emergency call from the area.

The role of the police has been subject to scrutiny, as they have been accused of not acting promptly in the morning and of being silent spectators of violence in many places during the day. The police were seen trying to scare off the rioters by throwing their stones and firing tear gas shells, but they soon found themselves face to face at various points in the afternoon. There, they wielded lathis but it was of little use. At one point, an armed man, later identified as a Mohammed Shahrukh, was caught by the camera in front of a lone policeman. He opened multiple rounds of fire with a crowd of about a hundred people who encouraged him from a distance. He even pointed the gun at the policeman’s face at close range. Later in the night, he was arrested by the police.

Vehicle traffic remained restricted on Highway 59, which leads to Bhajanpura on the one hand and Ghaziabad through the Gokulpuri overpass on the other, causing inconvenience to travelers and locals, including students. Many students were seen trying to return home nervously, asking the police for a safe step.

Concerned residents called their relatives in different parts of the capital, but few were able to contact them. Many were seen standing in front of the Jafrabad subway station towards Seelampur and asking people coming from the disturbance zone if they were okay. “I had come to take my sister and her family, but she told me that people are throwing stones outside the house. I can’t communicate with her and I can’t leave her either, ”said a 40-year-old man.

In one of the Bylanes, a woman seemed visibly worried while waiting for her granddaughter to return home. “I didn’t send the youngest to school, but the oldest had to leave. Sorry I sent it now. My heart beats hard every minute that passes, ”he said. “My husband came here to collect some payments and the next call I received from him was that he was injured in the throwing of stones,” said another woman. “Why are innocent people attacking? We’re not anywhere,” said the woman.

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