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Narendra Modi: how Modi’s speech in Namaste embraced Trump’s birth | India News


Prime Minister Narendra Modi accumulated compliments for all family members who accompanied the president of the United States. UU. In one of the few cases in which the whole family traveled to the other side of the world, as noted by Donald Trump.

In his opening remarks at Motera Stadium, Modi described Trump as a man who “thinks big.” “He has worked hard to realize the American dream, which is evident to everyone. Today, we welcome the entire Trump family,” he said.

Addressing Melania Trump directly, Modi said: “First Lady Melania, your presence here is an honor for us. The work you did for a healthy and happy America is giving its results. The work you did for children and society is commendable. His slogan is “Be the best” you may have noticed that today, most of the people who have come here have expressed the same feeling. ”

Narendra Modi: how Modi's speech in Namaste embraced Trump's birth | India News

The United States will always be faithful and faithful friend of the Indian people: Trump

The United States will always be faithful and loyal to Indians, US President Donald Trump said in a speech that defined the relationship at Motera Stadium on Monday. American Prez enthusiastically embraced the full range of ties between India and the United States, saying that shared democratic beliefs had forged a lasting friendship that united the two nations as powerful defenders of peace and hope.

Recalling his previous meeting with Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior advisor, Modi said: “Two years ago you had told me that you wanted to return to India. I am happy that you are among us again today and I welcome you.” ”

Trump praises India’s unity in diversity, calls it an inspiration to the world

India embraces freedom, freedom, individual rights and the rule of law, and is admired throughout the world when people of different religions worship in harmony, said US President Donald Trump on Monday, praising the achievements of country during your first state visit here. .

Without neglecting Trump’s powerful son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Modi said: “Jared, your specialty is to stay away from the spotlight, but the work you do affects many and has far-reaching effects. Every time we meet, and I’ve talked about all your Indian friends. I’m very happy to see you here. ”

Later in the afternoon, the Trump family visited Taj Mahal, taking photographs and immersing themselves in their eternal beauty.

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