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Donald Trump on CAA, trade agreement and Kashmir: Highlights of the press conference of the president of the United States | India News


NEW DELHI: US President Donald Trump interacted with the media on Tuesday and answered questions ranging from citizenship law to Kashmir and the trade agreement. At a press conference, Trump described Prime Minister Modi as an “excellent” leader and India as a “tremendous country.”

Here are his reactions on different topics:

Live updates: Donald Trump’s visit to India

On religious freedom

The president of the United States said he discussed the issue of religious freedom with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his extensive talks and that the Indian leader wants people to have this freedom. “We talked about religious freedom. And I will say that the Prime Minister was amazing in what he told me. He wants people to have religious freedom, and he firmly said that in India they have worked very hard to have a large and open religious freedom,” Trump said.

“Prime Minister Modi said they work closely with Muslims”
Triumph He said when asked if he raised allegations of discrimination against Muslims in India.

Citizenship Law

Speaking to journalists in Delhi, Trump said: “I didn’t discuss the CAA with Prime Minister Modi, it depends on India. I don’t want to say anything about the CAA, I hope India makes the right decision for its people.” they want to leave that to India and we hope they make the right decision for their people. ”

Trade agreement

Trump once again complained about the “large amount of tariffs” imposed by India on his country’s products, a problem that has been a factor in commercial tensions between New Delhi and Washington.

“India is probably the nation with the highest tariff. I think you have to pay the highest tariff when dealing with India. Harley-Davidson has to pay tremendous tariffs when sending motorcycles here and when India sends us, there are practically no tariffs.” . That is unfair and we are solving it, “he said.

“I talked to Prime Minister Modi about it. I think India would like to see it happen. We’re pretty close. Everyone is happy with that,” he said.

Modi-Trump has conversations; trade, defense, security on the agenda

Prime Minister Modi said Tuesday that bilateral defense and security cooperation are key aspects of the India-United States relationship. “President Trump and I have agreed that our teams will give a legal form to the understanding that our trade ministers have reached. We have also agreed to begin negotiations for a large trade agreement. We hope it will produce good results,” the prime minister said. said.


Trump once again offered to mediate in Kashmir between India and Pakistan, saying that Kashmir has been “a thorn on the side of many people” for a long time and that there are two sides to each story. He described Kashmir as a “big problem” between India and Pakistan.

“If I can do something to mediate, I will. Kashmir is obviously a big problem, but India and Pakistan will solve it. They have been doing it for a long time.”


When asked about terrorism in Pakistan, the president of the United States said: “Today we talk a lot about that. I said I will do my best to help, since my relationship with both gentlemen (PM Modi and PM of Pakistan) is very Good. Everything I can do to mediate / help, I would. They (Pakistan) are working in Kashmir. He added: “They (Pakistan) are working to control cross-border terrorism.”

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