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BJP’s challenging leader, Kapil Mishra, says he didn’t commit a crime by supporting CAA | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Facing criticism for his speech during a meeting in favor of CAA in Maujpur Chowk in northeastern Delhi, BJP leader Kapil Mishra remained defiant on Tuesday and said he did not fear the “mass hate campaign” against him for “telling the truth” and supporting the amended citizenship law.

Mishra, a former MLA AAP who unsuccessfully challenged recent Assembly polls on a Model Town BJP ticket, led a meeting in support of the CAA in Maujpur Chowk in the Jafarabad area on Sunday, after which the violence between pro and anti CAA groups.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Mishra said he was being abused and issued “death threats” and stressed that he did not commit any crime by supporting the amended citizenship law.

“I have received calls from many to kill me. Many people, including politicians and journalists, are abusing me. But I am not afraid because I have done nothing wrong,” Mishra told PTI.

BJP MP in East Delhi, Gautam Gambhir, on Tuesday supported strict actions against anyone, including Mishra, if they delivered “provocative” speeches.

“Whoever it is, regardless of which party it belongs to, be it Kapil Mishra or any other person, who delivered speeches to provoke people, measures must be taken against them,” Gambhir told reporters after visiting the wounded policemen admitted At the Max hospital in Patparganj.

During his pro-CAA demonstration in Maujpur Chowk, Mishra also issued an ultimatum to the police to clear the roads blocked by anti-CAA protesters in the Jafarabad and Bhahanpura areas in three days, warning that he will return to the streets if no action is taken. . taken.

Mishra also attacked the Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, who held a meeting with MLA on areas affected by the violence in northeast Delhi on Tuesday.

“Why didn’t you appeal in your speech to open the blocked roads in Delhi? Being the prime minister, you should immediately appeal for the opening of roads. Why do protesters block the road?” Mishra alleged in a tweet.

The president of Delhi BJP, Manoj Tiwari, appealed to all BJP leaders to do everything possible to establish peace in Delhi.

“No leader should do something that causes confusion and sends a wrong message among the people. Everyone should refrain from making incendiary statements,” Tiwari said in a statement.

Mishra, however, received support from some BJP leaders, including the MLA party and former Delhi president Vijender Gupta, who tweeted: “Some friends in the media and so-called intellectuals say that Kapil Mishra is responsible for the violence in Delhi, while keeping quiet in the statements. ” about those like Waris Pathan. They don’t want to stop the violence, but they are sharpening their agenda in the fire of violence. ”

Pathan is an AIMIM leader.

Delhi BJP spokesman Tajinderpal Singh Bagga also tweeted in support of Mishra.

Without naming Kapil Mishra, the AIMIM leader, Asaduddin Owaisi, claimed that the violence was the result of “incitement of a former MLA and BJP leader” and that he cannot be called a communal disturbance.

“I think all this cannot be called a communal mutiny. It started because a former BJP MLA stood shoulder to shoulder with a DCP and openly gave an ultimatum,” he said in his interaction with the mediators in Hyderabad.

The leader of the IPC (M), Brinda Karat, wrote to the Interior Minister of the Union, Amit Shah, blaming Kapil Mishra for the violence in northeastern Delhi.

A petition before the high court related to the violence in northeast Delhi accused Kapil Mishra and other BJP leaders of delivering hate speech and inciting violence, and has sought actions against them.

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