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Violence erupts in the northeast, south of Delhi over CAA, 15 injured | India News

NEW DELHI: Violence broke out in the Jafrabad area of ​​northeastern Delhi on Sunday night when two groups of anti-pro-CAA protesters met face-to-face, resulting in heavy stone attacks and vehicle vandalism. and stores in the area. Police and paramilitary forces managed to restore calm at dusk, but the area remained tense. Fifteen people, including six police officers and two cameramen were reported injured.

Jafrabad, which was tense until Sunday when more than a thousand men and women had gathered under the Metro station and blocked the main road to protest the amended citizenship law, broke out when a group of pro-CAA protesters arrived at the Maujpur-Baburpur metro station, less than a kilometer from Jafrabad, around 3.30 pm They demanded that the police eliminate the barricades. They were led by former MLA Kapil Mishra, who made a call on Twitter for people to arrive at the place to hold a demonstration in favor of CAA.

The group met in Maujpur Chowk, next to Jafrabad, and began shouting slogans. Around 4 p.m., it fell under a shower of stones on the other side. Some people in the group retaliated and in a short time it became a wrestling for everyone. Half an hour later, when the situation got out of control, the police had to fire several rounds of tear gas projectiles and use a slight force to disperse the rioters.

Police and paramilitary personnel conducted a flag march in the area and asked people to maintain moderation. A disturbance FIR has been registered and the players are being identified through video images.

Chand Bagh, also in northeastern Delhi, reported on the production of similar stones. Hauz Rani of South Delhi and Malviya Nagar also witnessed some police actions to stop anti-CAA protesters. Shaheen Bagh, however, remained calm and the main road remained blocked and the mediators designated by the SC decided to stay away on Sunday.

The Jafrabad subway station had been under siege since Saturday night, and the locals had blocked the main road to protest against CAA. According to police, the tension was latent in the area since Thursday night when Bhim’s army chief, Chandrashekhar “Ravan”, visited northeast Delhi and addressed the locals, asking them to observe his call to a ” Bharat Bandh “on Sunday.

More than 400 men and women had gathered under the subway station in Jafrabad around 11 p.m. on Saturday. The police tried to disperse them, but could evict a few. The meeting began to swell in the early hours of Sunday with people singing azaadi slogans. After the police intervention, one of the access roads to Gokulpuri was opened and connected to Wazirabad and GT Karnal Road, and a rope was placed to let traffic go both ways.

In the morning, the protesters had also erected a stage with “chaukis” and tables, but the police quickly withdrew them. At 10 in the morning, heavy police forces and paramilitary forces were transferred to the area. However, by Sunday at noon, the protest had spread to adjacent towns in northeastern Delhi, such as Khureji, Maujpur and Chand Bagh. The throwing of stones at Chand Bagh was quickly contained by the elders.

Alok Kumar, joint commissioner of police (Eastern Range) said: “The situation is under control now, but there are many people on the street. We are continually talking with local leaders so that peace prevails in the area. ”

The clashes, which erupted around 4 pm, continued intermittently until 5 pm, when police conducted a flag march and created a buffer zone between the two protest groups, deploying more than 800 people to avoid contact. .

Arvind Maurya, who works as a tailor near Maujpur Chowk, said that as soon as the throwing of stones began, he and two others in the store rushed to the residential lanes near Sabzi Mandi Chowk. Maurya said there were also stones in the narrow streets and that people rushed to take refuge inside. “I saw a couple of people injured and bleeding. People were offering help, using Dettol and cotton. We also took refuge inside and left only after 6 pm to discover what had happened, ”said Maurya.

“We have been asking them to move since last night, but they have refused,” said Deputy Police Commissioner (Northeast) Ved Prakash Surya. “We are also in contact with their religious leaders and members of the human committee to reach a possible solution.”

Although the throwing of stones had stopped at around 5.30 p.m., provocative chants continued near the Maujpur-Babarpur metro station from both sides. During this, anti-CAA protesters to the side of Jafrabad had used ropes to block one side of the road to prevent clashes from erupting.

Mohammad Zakir, one of those locals stationed there, said both groups met face-to-face on the main road in Jafrabad, and that the pro-CAA group allegedly raised songs that were inflammatory. “The throwing of stones began and people on both sides became very angry. We try to clean the area soon after to avoid any additional incident. Women sitting in the Jaffrabad subway station are being protected by men in the area, ”said Zakir.

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