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Jammu and Kashmir to obtain a new party, composed of separatist groups of Congress, PDP, NC | India News


NEW DELHI: Splinter Groups of Congress, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the National Conference (NC) have teamed up to launch a regional team in the newly created Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir that will comprise the founder of the PDP and former Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Hussain Baig and his colleague and former finance minister Altaf Bukhari, in addition to several other three parties.

On Sunday, the former prime minister of planning and development at J&K and former member of the MLA Congress of Bandipora Usman Majid, who is part of the proposed team, resigned from Congress and held a concentration in Bandipora, the first in J&K since Article 370 It was canceled. He told TOI that members of Congress, PDP and NC will announce the new set in a few days. He also said the team will demand statehood for J&K and the immediate conduct of panchayat surveys.

“I resigned Congress today and we will announce the formation of a regional team in a few days that will include high-ranking members like Muzaffar Baig and Altaf Bukhari,” Majid told TOI moments after celebrating a convention of Congress net in his Bandipora constituency. . .

He said it was the first political demonstration in the Valley after the repeal of Article 370 and the presence of more than 500-600 party delegates and supporters indicated the enthusiasm of the people to begin the political process in Kashmir and achieve normalcy.

In recent weeks, Bukhari has been cited in the media expressing similar feelings where he said a political outfit would soon be announced and that a group of high-ranking members from different parties was involved in drafting a constitution. Baig, however, refrained from commenting when TOI approached him.

The government is eager to begin the political process at the UT, encouraging members of the main parties to join and take the initiative.

Former CM Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah of North Carolina and Mehboob Mufti of PDP in addition to other high-ranking members of their parties were arrested under the Public Security Act on February 6, six months after being arrested at home. The Center’s continued concern about maintaining law and order in the torn valley has been cited as the main reason for not releasing PDP and NC officials. The government fears that once they are released, they can incite mass protests that could lead to the situation getting out of control.

The announcement of the panchayat elections in J&K and their postponement last week after NC, PDP and Congress expressed their conditional desire to participate in the polls reflects the Center’s willingness to involve the main parties in the political process.

This has increased confusion among members of the dispersed groups of Congress, North Carolina and the PDP who are eager to launch a third alternative and want the panchayat elections to be held immediately. “At least five and six candidates from each neighborhood were ready to submit a nomination, it was not right for the government to postpone panchayat polls,” Majid said and added that such decisions would only encourage anti-Indian elements.

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