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Uddhav’s new allies ask you to check the booth at CAA-NPR | India News

MUMBAI: One day after Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray once again made clear his support for CAA and NPR in New Delhi after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his new allies, Congress and the NCP pressed about him so that he and Shiv Sena reconsidered their in view of the tripartite coalition government in the state.

While Congressional leader Manish Tewari tweeted that Thackeray needed to be “informed” about CAA and NPR and Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar of NCP discussed the twin issues among others that arose at his meeting with Uddhav in Mumbai on Saturday, president of the State Congress and revenue minister Balasaheb Thorat said he would meet with the CM on Sunday to find out what led Thackeray to support CAA and NPR.

Both Congress and the NCP have made it clear that they will not allow NPR implementation in the state and feel that Thackeray’s statements have led to divergent voices in the ruler Maha Vikas Aghadi.

Tewari said Thackeray needed to understand how NPR was “the basis of NRC.” “Once you do NPR, you can’t stop NRC,” he tweeted. In CAA, Tewari stated that Uddhav needed to “become familiar with (the) design of (the) Indian Constitution that religion cannot be (the) basis of citizenship.”

In Uddhav’s meeting with the Pawars, a senior NCP leader said, it was proposed that members of the Cabinet of Congress, NCP and Sena meet soon to study CAA and NPR. “We had a good meeting with the CM. In addition to CAA and NPR, we discuss the problems that will arise during the state legislature’s budget session, ”deputy CM Ajit Pawar told TOI.

The NCP lead leader who spoke outside the registry said it was decided at Thackeray’s meeting with the head of the NCP and Dy CM that controversial issues will not be discussed during the budget session that begins Monday. However, matters related to CAA and NPR would be discussed with the Center.

Thorat said: “I was supposed to join Pawar for the meeting with the CM, but it was not possible on Saturday. I will meet with the CM on Sunday. I’m sure we will solve the problems in a friendly way. ”

Uddhav had said Friday in Delhi that there was no need to fear CAA or NPR. The NPR, he said, was proposed along with the census and also occurred in 2010, and the census was conducted every 10 years. If there were new proposed columns in the NPR, his government would examine them and if something seemed problematic, his government would not carry it forward, he said. On CAA, he said that it is now a Law of Parliament and “as it seems, it will not take away citizenship from anyone in Maharashtra.”

Former Congressional MP, Sanjay Nirupam, said it was wrong for Thackeray to meet with Modi and support CAA and NPR when Congress and the NCP have taken a firm stand on the matter. “Before meeting Modi, Thackeray should have consulted Sharad Pawar, Thorat and the main leaders of the NCP and Congress, as it is a three-party coalition government,” said Nirupam.

Meanwhile, PCN leader and state minority development minister Nawab Malik said on Saturday in Pune that MVA members will hold a meeting soon to finalize the draft NPR questionnaire in the state. “The NPR questionnaire was written in 2010, but the Union government included some additional questions. We will examine them and make a decision after consulting governments in non-BJP states, ”said Malik. Authorities said several states had asked the Center to eliminate some of the questions.

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