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Jafrabad News: a clash between pro and anti CAA groups erupts in the Jaffrabad area of ​​Delhi; gates of 2 closed metro stations | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: There were clashes on Sunday night between pro and anti-CAA groups near Jaffrabad in northeastern Delhi, where a large number of people had gathered to protest against the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA).
Police fired tear gas shells while members of the two groups threw stones at Maujpur. For security reasons, the entrance and exit doors of the Maujpur-Babarpur metro station were closed.

The doors of the Jaffrabad station were also closed earlier during the day, as protests against the CAA continued Sunday after hundreds of protesters, mostly women, blocked a road near the subway station the night before. .
The group of 500 people dominated by women organized a sitting on Saturday night near the Jaffrabad metro station demanding a reversal of the contentious Citizenship Amendment Law.
LIVE UPDATES: Violence erupts in Maujpur
There was a strong security deployment in the area.
The BJP leader, Kapil Mishra, had called a meeting near the Maujpur road sign in support of the amended citizenship law, after which a second group had met in the area.
Later in the afternoon, a confrontation broke out between the two groups.
Mishra said on Twitter: “We have given a three-day ultimatum to the Delhi Police to clear the road. Let the road of Jafrabad and Chandbagh be cleared.”
In a video tweeted by him where he can be seen addressing the meeting, Mishra said: “They (the protesters) want to create problems in Delhi. That’s why they’ve closed the roads. That’s why they created a disturbance situation. here”. We have not thrown any stones.
“Until the US president is in India, we will leave the area peacefully. After that we will not listen to them (to the police) if the roads are not vacated by then,” he said at the meeting.
Aman Sharma (22), a student and resident of Maujpur who was part of the group that accompanied Mishra, said they were conducting a protest against road closures by those who opposed the AAC.
“Around 2:30 pm, they (anti-CAA protesters) began throwing stones and glass bottles,” he said.
Due to security reasons, the entrance and exit doors of the Maujpur-Babarpur metro station have been closed.
“The entrance and exit doors of Maujpur-Babarpur are closed,” the DMRC said in a tweet.

On video: Delhi: clashes between two groups occur near the Jaffrabad protest site

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