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India vs New Zealand 1st test: India 144/4, follow New Zealand for 39 races on day 3 | Cricket News



They are stumps on day 3!

India 144/4, follow New Zealand for 39 races

OVERS 65: FOUR! Hanuma Vihari comes forward and cuts the ball to a deep point backwards for a limit. INDIA 144/4, path for 39 races.

OVERS 63.3: Rahane plays this wonderfully towards the wicket square. He will get a partner.

OVERS 58.2: FOUR! Consecutive limits for Rahane versus Jamieson. Bright batting of the vice captain of India.
INDIA 135/4, trail for 48 races.

OVERSE 55.2: Southee short. Rahane tries to throw but the ball hits his helmet. Physio is out to check Rahane according to the concussion rules. Rahane is smiling and seems fine.

OVERS 46.1: REVIEW! A strong lbw appeal from Colin de Grandhomme against Hanuma Vihari. The referee says NO. Captain Williamson is chatting with the bowler and asks for a review. NOT OUTSIDE New Zealand loses its second revision as well.
INDIA 115/4, trail for 68 races

Hanuma Vihari reaches the fold.

OFFERS 45.2: WICKET! Trent Boult takes his third gate, Virat Kohli falls to 19. Short of Boult, Kohli tries to shoot but fails to connect. Wicketkeeper Watling takes a brilliant catch behind the wickets.
INDIA 113/4, trail for 70 races

OVERS 44.4: FOUR! Rahane kneels and plays an excellent cover disk for a limit.
INDIA 113/3, I walk through 70 races.

OVERS 41.5: FOUR! Jamieson’s short. Rahane uses the rhythm and plays a superior cut.
INDIA 105/3

OVERS 39.2: FOUR! Beautifully played. Kohli sends Jamieson to the wicket square.
100 is coming to India.

Ajinkya Rahane reaches the fold.

OVERS 38.4: WICKET! Tim Southee ends Mayank Agarwal’s stay at 58. A fort caught by the Wicketkeeper’s appeal BJ Watling. Referee Aleem Dar has raised his finger. Agarwal argues with Captain Kohli and asks for a review. It is very very close. There is a spike. Great wicket for New Zealand. Agarwal is not happy with this.
INDIA 96/3, trail for 87 races

OVERS 36.5: FOUR! That is Mayank’s special. Southee short. Mayank pulls this towards the square leg. Shot of him.
INDIA 96/2

OFFERS 34.3: FOUR! Southee to Kohli. The Indian pattern is lucky again. He gets a thick edge and the ball sails to the limit of the third man.
INDIA 89/2, I walk for 94 races.

OVER 32.3: FOUR! Virat Kohli sends Tim Southee towards extra deep coverage for a limit.

The captain of India, Virat Kohli, joins Mayank Agarwal in the middle.

Welcome back! the third and last session of day 3 begins.

That is TEA in Basin Reserve.

India 78/2, trail for 105 races

Mayank Agarwal 52 *

OVERS 32: WICKET! Trent Boult punishes Cheteshwar Pujara for 11. Sloppy batting of Pujara. Complete in Boult swinger, Pujara judges it completely. The ball hits his stump. Boult rejoices in the celebration. Great wicket for New Zealand.
INDIA 78/2, trail for 105 races

OVERS 28.2: FIFTY! Mayank Agarwal takes its fourth half-century test.
INDIA 72/1, road for 111 races.

OVER 26.5: SIX! Agarwal dances on the dance floor and dispatches Patel for a long fence.
INDIA 68/1, path for 115 races.

OVER 26.3: FOUR! Mayank Agarwal comes forward and hits Ajaz Patel for a limit. Beautiful shot of the right.

OVERS 24.1: FOUR! Agarwal goes ahead and cuts De Grandhomme towards the third man for a limit.
INDIA 58/1, trail for 125 races

OVERS 21.1: Jamieson’s short. Agarwal throws this wonderfully towards the middle region of the wicket. You will get 3 races.

OVERS 20.3: 50 arrives in India. They crawl for 132 races

Mayank Agarwal 30 *, Cheteshwar Pujara 6 *

OVER 17: BEVERAGES at Basin Reserve. INDIA 43/1, trail by 140 races.

OVERS 16.1: FOUR! Mayank Agarwal sends Colin de Grandhomme to the recoil point for a limit.
INDIA 43/1

OFFERS 15.6: REVIEW! A strong trapped by the appeal of Kyle Jamieson and wicketkeeper BJ Waltling. The referee says NO. The captain of New Zealand, Kane Williamson, has requested a review. NOT OUT

India 32/1 after 10 overs

Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in India

OFFERS 7.4: OUT! Boult hits him from around the gate, Shaw (14) rejects him behind the square where Latham dives to his left to catch him. India 27/1

OFFERS 7.3: FOUR! Boult goes around the gate and Shaw crosses the ravine to its second limit.

OFFERS 6.2: FOUR! Short and wide from Southee and Shaw it breaks through the decks for their first limit

OFFERS 5.2: FOUR! Mayank conducts a Southee delivery for its second limit.
India 16/0

Trent Boult shares the new ball with Southee

MORE THAN 0.6: FOUR! Mayank covers the units to exit the brand. Elegant shot that!

MORE THAN 0.5: Shaw leafs through the half of the gate so that a single leaves the mark

MORE THAN 0.1: CLOSE THE FIRST BALL OF SHAVING! Shaw faces Southee again as he was fired in the first innings, but this time the ball hit him high on the back pad

Prithvi Shaw and Mayank Agarwal leave to open the batting for India. Tim Southee launches the first game for New Zealand

The lower order of New Zealand has probably been put in a position where it is very difficult for them to lose the game. The partnership between Kyle Jamieson and Colin de Grandhomme that represented 71 races placed the Kiwis firmly on top. And 52 races since the last two wickets have extended the Kiwis advantage to 183 races. Trent Boult threw his bat at everything and everything scoring a 38 of 24 balls to thwart the Indians.

11th five wicket tour for Ishant Sharma, New Zealand, with 348 races, leading India for 183 races

OFFER 100.2 OUT! FINALLY OVER!! Ishant goes around the gate and hits him, Boult (38) ducks and brings him closer to Pant for the capture and it will be lunch on day 3

Change ends for Ishant while replacing Ashwin in the attack.

New Zealand 346/9 after 100 overs

OVERS 99.1: FOUR! Boult makes space and hits a yorker through the sheets

Shami replaces Ishant in the attack

OVERS 98.4: GREAT HIT! Boult crushes an installment of Ashwin for a long time for his first SIX.
New Zealand 340/9

OVERS 97.4: FOUR! Boult approaches the thin leg fence for its fourth limit

OVERS 97.3: FOUR! Boult hits him with Ishant’s hands directly on the ground

OVERS 96.1: FOUR! Boult lowers the court and hits an delivery of Ashwin to the long fence

OVERS 95.1: FOUR! Boult hits a long-term Ishant delivery.
New Zealand now led by 150 races

OFFERS 94.2: OUT! of Grandhomme (43) gloves and a delivery of Ashwin by the side of the leg in the hands of Pant. New Zealand 310/9

Ishant replaces Bumrah in the attack

OVERS 92.2: FOUR! Grandhomme crosses the line towards the square leg fence for his fifth limit

OVERS 91.1: FOUR! Bumrah goes around the gate for left-hander Ajaz Patel and shoots in a yorker, but an inner edge takes him to the long leg fence to bring up the
300 for New Zealand

OFFERS 90.2: OUT! Ashwin approaches the gate and Jamieson (44) does a bad thing for a long time so that Vihari takes a good catch. New Zealand 296/8

OVERS 89.2: Bumrah lifts him and Jamieson drives long term for three races

Changing tips for Bumrah while replacing Shami in the attack.

OVERS 86.4: GREAT HIT! Jamieson’s slog sweeps a delivery of Ashwin in the middle of the wicket to the crowd for another SIX

OVERS 86.2: GREAT HIT! Jamieson slog sweeps a delivery of Ashwin about half wicket in the crowd for a SIX

OVERSOS 85.4: The cover of Jamieson conducts a Shami delivery for three races to get his 50-race stand with 67-ball De Grandhomme.
New Zealand 276/7

OFFERS 83.4: GREAT HIT! Shami hits him again and Jamieson tries to hook, but approaches the goalkeeper by SIX. New Zealand now leads 106 races

OVERS 83.3: Grandhomme surpasses a Shami delivery to the square leg for a single to lead the 100-run mark

OVERS 81.1: DIFFICULT OPPORTUNITY! Jamieson mistreats a blow and flies to the right of Shami, who is in his pursuit and extends his right hand, but a dive could have been better

Shami shares the new ball with Bumrah

OVERS 80.3: FOUR! Grandhomme drives directly down the floor to its fourth limit

OVERS 80.1: FOUR! de Grandhomme launches a delivery of Bumrah through half wicket

New Zealand 250/7 after 80 overs, the second new ball is taken immediately and Bumrah is back in the attack

OVER 78.6: FOUR! Jamieson throws an Ishant delivery to the square leg fence.
New Zealand 245/7

OFFERS 77.3: GREAT HIT! Shami hits him and Jamieson pulls the fence of the half wicket to get a magnificent SIX

Shami replaces Bumrah in the attack

OFFERS 76.5: FOUR! Grandhomme breaks an Ishant delivery halfway to his second limit.
New Zealand 232/7

OVERS 76.3: REVIEW! Grandhomme handles a delivery of Ishant in the hands of Pant by the side of the leg, both Pant and Ishant say there were two noises, Virat Kohli goes for the review and the repetitions show that there was no bat involved

OVERS 75.4: REVIEW! Bumrah hits Colin de Grandhomme on the pads and the Indians appeal, referee Aleem Dar raises his finger, Grandhomme goes to the review and the reps show that the ball was going down the leg

Newcomer Kyle Jamieson is the new man in New Zealand

OFFERS 74.3: OUT! Southee (6) launches a delivery of Ishant to the thin leg for Shami to take the catch. New Zealand 225/7

OVERS 73.1: FOUR! Tim Southee drills the back point through the back point for the first day limit

OVERS 71.2: OUT! FIRST BALL OF THE DAY !! Watling (14) skirts an inflatable delivery of Bumrah out of the stump so that Pant takes a simple catch. New Zealand 216/6

Jasprit Bumrah resumes on day 3, Watling on strike

BJ Watling and Colin de Grandhomme resume New Zealand’s first entries on Day 3 of the first Test at the Wellington Basin Reserve.

Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor combined to ensure that New Zealand had an advantage in the first inning, but the advantage was not overwhelming.

India kept hunting with three wickets in the final session, including Williamson for 89 and Taylor for 44 and the wicket showed early signs of spinning.

Williamson and Taylor’s 93-run position for the third wicket was enough to lift New Zealand from 73-2 to be ahead of 165 in India before tourists defend themselves.

When the bad light brought an early end of the day, New Zealand was 216 for five, leading by 51.

Ishant Sharma, returning from an injury and struggling with the time lag after arriving in New Zealand, was chosen by Indian bowlers with three of 31 of 15 out of 15.

However, with the initial fading of the green cover from the wicket, there were early turn signs that could affect New Zealand’s last bat in the match.

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