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Arjun Kapoor has given us many clues about his #MegaMonster Trail! Can you guess where it is with your Samsung Galaxy M31 64MP?

If there is one thing that Samsung fans have absolutely hooked on in recent days, it is Arjun Kapoor’s Instagram ID. The actor, who has just started the #MegaMonster Trail, publishes some stunning photos of a mysterious destination and his partner on this trip is the 64MP quad camera of the Samsung Galaxy M31 that will be released soon! Arjun’s stunning images are seen directly from a travel magazine and, why not, when this monstrous smartphone comes with the best camera set in its class: a 64MP primary sensor, an ultra wide angle 8MP lens, a lens 5MP macro and a 5MP depth sensor! Arjun, who is always looking for eclectic ways to click on the images, is doing more justice to the brilliant camera settings by experimenting with a lot of camera modes offered by the phone, such as super slow motion, hyperlapse, 4K video , macro sensor, slofie and ultra wide angle! The result? An Instagram ID that gives us an incessant need to put on our travel shoes, take the Samsung Galaxy M31 and head to the Arjun vacation destination!

And guess what? It’s not that difficult, if we can only guess the clues correctly. At the beginning of this exciting adventure, Arjun announced that five lucky winners who can guess their destiny can take advantage of this #MegaMonster smartphone. Now, this means that, simply by following Arjun’s clues and making the right assumptions, we can take the Samsung Galaxy M31 on our next vacation and capture images as worthy of drool as yours! And for this to be possible, Arun has been throwing enough clues! Earlier today, he even published a survey in an Instagram story asking other thrill seekers like him what his idea of ​​adventure is. Watch this:


Arjun, a self-proclaimed drug addict and adventure addict, has been exploring his destiny as a true wanderer. The actor rode an all-terrain bike in what looks like an exotic desert terrain, taking the curiosity meter to greater heights! Arjun could not help but go through the 6000 mAh battery of the #MegaMonster smartphone that allowed him to continue clicking throughout the day. Arjun’s images of the ATV trip are amazingly detailed where he has experimented with other interesting modes such as macro, live focus and ultra wide angle. Look at this post!

Since the beginning of his trip to Bollywood, Arjun’s charismatic personality has been contagious. And this slow motion that Arjun published gives us a portion of that better than everything else. It is seen testing the front slow motion feature of the #MegaMonster Samsung Galaxy M31 with its secret location as a backdrop and we just can’t stop drooling.


The next Mega track that Arjun gave us is a giant lunch next to a picturesque lake! Now, Arjun can look fit and fabulous, but trust us, he is a great enthusiast at heart. That’s why the moment he arrived at this impressive destination, he started looking for a fabulous place to dine. From what we have heard, the place where Arjun is on vacation also houses his favorite cuisine! It didn’t take Arjun much time to concentrate on the perfect place for a sumptuous lunch and the photos say it all. The food, the destination, the weather, everything looks fantastic. With the 64MP quad camera configuration of the Samsung Galaxy M31, this is not surprising. Arjun’s leisurely lunch was further complemented with a personal moment of compulsive observation and guess what, here also the # MegaMonster Infinity U screen of FHD + sAMOLED allowed him to make the most of his afternoon!

Guys, this place is a great clue to make your smartphone your own. Check it out and test your riddle skills without delay!

For a wanderer like Arjun, traveling is not an activity, it is an emotion. It is not surprising that he was seen by bicycle through this beautiful location as a place, assimilating the spirit of the place and capturing every detail that the city has to offer through its images. With such superior specifications, it is not difficult to guess that the Samsung Galaxy M31 is designed for explorers who want to capture the real flavors of places with the best details.

The #MegaMonster Trail of Arjun Kapoor is full of tracks and if you’re paying attention, it’s absolutely easy to hit the spot! With such stellar specifications, the Samsung Galaxy M31 has ensured that every image of this MegaVacay is as bright and amazing as possible. With everyone equally curious about the trip and the smartphone, all we can do is stay tuned to Arjun’s Instagram, follow the clues and guess how to become one of the 5 lucky winners to win this Mega device. And even if you’re not one of them, don’t worry, because the Samsung Galaxy M31 will launch on February 25 at 1 p.m.
Samsung online store And all the leading stores at an unbeatable price! Then, hold your horses until then and follow the #MegaMonster trail of Arjun for an unlimited adventure and passion for travel!

Disclaimer: This is a brand publication and has been written by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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