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“Your seat is not a sleeping berth,” the aviation ministry says to the flyers


NEW DELHI: The debate over the reclining seats of the aircraft, caused by a viral video of a passenger repeatedly hitting a reclining seat in front of him on a domestic flight in the United States earlier this month, has reached the Indian coast, new Heavens. The aviation ministry tweeted on Saturday: “A little good basic manners and respect are always worth it. Your seat is not a sleeping bunk. Don’t be inconsiderate with other people’s space. “This tweet was with two hashtags:” being a responsible traveler “and” flight tags. ”

While reclining seats in the economy section has always been a controversial topic, it again became a topic of conversation when on February 9 Wendi Williams tweeted from her handle @steelersfanOG a video of her seat being hit by the passenger behind her on an internal flight in the US UU. .

“There’s a big well here! I was angry because I reclined my seat and hit it about 9 times: HARD, at that moment I started recording it on video, and he gave up this behavior. The other well is the American Air hostess who He rebuked and offered him (complimentary) rum! He was on a flight from American Eagle, a subsidiary of American Airlines, from New Orleans to Charlotte.

This video went viral. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, joined the debate when he told US media that, while customers have the right to rest, “the right thing if you’re going to rest is to ask first if it’s okay.” Some foreign airlines have non-reclining seats in the economy section to avoid disputes between passengers on this issue and also give passengers a sense of space in their legroom sections, otherwise narrow and poor.

The aviation ministry has now offered its advice to passengers on the subject. A reclining seat in the economical section of reduced leg room can increase the discomfort of some passengers. And having the front seat reclined while eating is a real option for passengers sitting in the seat just behind.

“It is a good initiative of the ministry to tweet this. While reclining economic seats are a worldwide problem, our authorities must address something very common in India: the passenger’s habit of getting up as soon as the plane stops after landing. Our crew has to continue advertising during the taxi to the terminal, asking passengers to remain seated and not open the upper compartments to take out their bags, as that could damage other passengers, ”said a senior pilot.

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