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Retrieving PoK is the next step to achieve the goal of Akhand Bharat: Ram Madhav | India News

NEW DELHI: The repeal of article 370 of the Constitution was the first step towards fulfilling the objective of “Akhand Bharat” and its next step would be to recover the Kashmir occupied by Pakistan, BJP national secretary general Ram Madhav said on Saturday.

The repeal of Article 370 was a step towards the goal of “Akhand Bharat” (integral India), said Madahv, while addressing the participants of “Chhatra Sansad” in Vigyan Bhawan here.

When a participant asked him when Akhand Bharat’s dream would come true, he said: “It will happen in phases. The first thing is that Jammu and Kashmir, which were not part of the mainstream, have holistically connected to India.”

“Our next goal is to recover Indian land that is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan,” said the senior leader of BJP, noting that Parliament had passed a resolution to recover PoK in 1994.

The main leader of BJP said that 20th-century India was a “romantic and reluctant” nation, which carried the dreams of a newly independent people, but that the current generation is pragmatic and ambitious.

“The Bharat of the 21st century is different from the Bharat of the 20th century, which was romantic and reluctant since it dreamed of recently independent people and was ruled by freedom fighters. But the Bharat of the 21st century is pragmatic, proactive and ambitious, since it belongs to youth. ”

Madhav said it is India’s destiny to emerge as a world leader based on its large population of youth and economic power.

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