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PM Narendra Modi to the trustees: build mandir without bitterness in society | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked members of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust to ensure that the temple has been built peacefully “without any bitterness” in society. “The work must be done as soon as possible without hurting anyone,” he told them during a brief interaction at his residence on Thursday.

“We had a courtesy meeting with the Prime Minister at his invitation, since he wanted to meet the high-level trusted members Nritya Gopal Das and K Parasaran. He suggested that social harmony be maintained and that the construction of the temple be executed so that no one felt hurt, ”said Secretary General Champat Rai, who was among the four officials who called the prime minister. Gopal Das Giri was the other member who met with the prime minister.

The president of the trust Nritya Gopal Das urged the prime minister to visit Ayodhya, which Modi accepted.

Rai said the temple will be built on the model proposed by VHP in the first phase and the expansion will be considered only after the end of the first phase.

It is known that the proposed plan will be modified slightly to increase the height of the temple, and another floor could probably be added to the existing design. “The temple will be built on the basis of the VHP map. There may be changes in their proposed form and scale, ”said Swami Govind Dev Giri, another member of the trust.

Another member of the trust said: “We have received suggestions to make changes to the previous design to give the temple an increasingly great shape. Now, we are brainstorming to build a three-story structure instead of the two floors proposed above, as well as to add a pavilion and detail the 35-foot-high shikhar. ” The proposed temple height could be increased to 160 feet from 125 feet previously decided by the VHP.

In 1987, craftsman Chandrakant Sompura had prepared a proposed temple model based on the VHP design after VHP international president Ashok Singhal asked him.

The temple will be built in the favorite octagonal form of Lord Vishnu and its structure will be made of stone without the use of iron.

“There was consensus among the members of the trust at their first meeting on Wednesday that the construction of the temple should be completed in the next two years. The construction of the existing model will be ideal to follow since the sizes of the main parts of the structure have already been made, ”said Rai.

“The date to begin construction will be decided at the next meeting in Ayodhya next month,” he said, adding that the administration of Ayodhya had been urged to change the Ram Lalla idol to a permanent structure from the makeshift tent.

All key dates, including the start of construction, will be decided according to the Hindu Panchang, which was followed to set the first trust meeting that was held was Vijaya Ekadasi, an auspicious day for Hindus. “In addition, the day coincided with the anniversary of the birth of the second RSS pramukh M S Golwalkar,” Rai said.

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