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Nirbhaya Case: There is no relief for the convicted Vinay, the court says that “he wants to be falsely diagnosed with a mental illness” | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: A statement submitted by one of the four sentenced to death in the case of rape and group murder of Nirbhaya seeking treatment for ‘madness’ was rejected on Saturday by a Delhi court that said it was “simulating” and ” you want to be false diagnosed mentally ill. ”

Additional Session Judge Dharmender Rana rejected Vinay Kumar Sharma’s plea saying there are no objective signs of psychological distress and that he did not find any occasion to refer the convict to IHBAS (Institute of Human Behavior and Related Sciences) or any other hospital in this stage. , as you look for in the motive.

The statement alleged that Sharma had suffered serious head injuries and fractures in his right arm, and that he suffered from “insanity,” “mental illness,” and “schizophrenia.”

The court said that “general anxiety and depression in the case of a death row inmate are obvious,” as he noted that adequate medical treatment and psychological help has been provided to the convicted convict.

“The prison superintendent is once again ordered to ensure proper care of convicts according to the rules,” said the judge.

The court took note of the presentations made by Dr. Vivek Rustogi and Dr. Akash Narade, both working in Tihar, which although it has been observed that the convict is anxious, agitated and restless, has responded well to the supportive therapy performed by the specialist in psychiatry.

“It is categorically observed that, according to his psychological evaluation, no behavioral abnormality was observed. It is reported that the convict’s behavior suggests deliberate disruptive behavior.”

“It was specifically reported that the convict was asking the specialist in psychiatry to legally favor him by diagnosing him mentally ill by helping him commute his death sentence,” the court said.

In the mental state test, the convict was found to have a dramatic and superficial demonstration of mental illness, he said.

“No objective signs of psychological distress were observed. The convict wishes to be falsely diagnosed with ‘mental illness’.

“It is reported that the general impression of his psychological condition is ‘simulation.’ It is reported that the general condition and vital signs of the inmate are stable and satisfactory,” the court observed.

Malingering is the falsification or deep exaggeration of a physical or mental illness to obtain external benefits, such as avoiding work or judgment (law), among others.

The court further noted that in the CCTV images, the convict was seen talking with his lawyer and family members and the “apparent tone and tenor of the convict does not suggest any abnormal behavior, but convincingly confirms the opinion of medical experts. “. .

In their presentations, the authorities of the Tihar prison described the statement as “a set of distorted facts” and told the court that the convict was not only receiving regular medical attention but also regular supportive therapy by a medical specialist. psychiatry.

Authorities said the CCTV images established that the convict himself had inflicted the wounds.

“These are all a set of distorted facts. The doctors treated him and discovered that he was injured and gave him medications. All injuries are self-inflicted and superficial in nature … Medical records say he does not suffer from any of these mental illnesses and his Checking in any hospital is not mandatory. It is under regular control by the jail doctor, “said the prosecutor, representing the jail authorities.

The defense attorney said the convict has a plastered hand that shows that he had fractures and that it was not a superficial injury.

“Why did the jail hide the fact about his injuries in court? Why don’t the documents be filed?” Said lawyer A P Singh, who appeared for the convict.

The prison authorities opposed the presentation and said “it is wrong to say that I had a cast arm. It was not a fracture.”

According to prison officials, Sharma was injured by banging his head against the wall of his cell in Tihar prison.

The incident occurred in jail number 3 on Sunday afternoon, they said, adding that he suffered minor injuries and was treated inside the prison facilities.

The statement alleged that when Sharma’s lawyer visited him in prison at the request of his family members, he discovered that he had suffered serious head injuries and fractures in his right arm with plaster and suffered from “madness”, “mental illness “and” schizophrenia. ”

He said Sharma could not identify his lawyer or his mother in jail.

The petition claimed that he had been “decreasing sleep” for a long time and was referred to a senior psychiatrist in view of drug dependence.

On February 17, the court issued new death orders for March 3 at 6 am against the four death row inmates: Vinay (26), Mukesh Kumar Singh (32), Pawan Gupta (25) and Akshay Kumar (31) – in the Nirbhaya case of rape and group murder.

This is the third time death orders are issued against them.

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