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Maharashtra will continue with CAA, NPR, says Uddhav Thackeray after meeting with Prime Minister Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Regardless of the protests within the Maharashtra coalition, the head of CM and Shiv Sena, Uddhav Thackeray, clung to their weapons that the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Population Registry (NPR) ) will be implemented in the state, sharpening friction with coalition partners NCP and Congress.

“I had a good discussion with the Prime Minister on matters related to Maharashtra. I also discussed the CAA, NPR and NRC with him. No one needs to fear CAA. The NPR is not going to drive anyone out of the country, ”Thackeray told the media on Friday.

The public affirmation of the CM is significant, since they arose after its meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and before making a courtesy call to the head of Congress, Sonia Gandhi. The Secretary General of Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge, who is in charge of Maharashtra affairs, had previously made an exception to Thackeray’s statement about the implementation of CAA and NPR in Maharashtra, saying that such calls could not be taken unilaterally.

Thackeray said there was a detailed discussion about CAA, NPR and the National Registry of Citizens. Modi said earlier that his government had not yet made a decision on the implementation of a national NRC, unlike that of Assam.

Congress and Sena refused to confirm whether the divergence on CAA and NPR appeared at Thackeray’s meeting with Sonia. Both sides seemed to avoid the issue and deny that there was a division. “There is no friction among the allies. We will run the government for five years, ”Thackeray said after calling Modi with his son and state minister Aaditya.

Kharge said the NPR issue would be addressed by the state-level coordination committee. He called it a “courtesy meeting” and claimed that the discussion between Sonia and Thackeray did not refer to NPR.

The comments of the CM, however, represent a challenge for the coalition as NCP and Congress have strongly opposed CAA and NPR. Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh, who is from NCP, has assured anti-CAA protesters that the law will not be implemented, and has opposed the implementation of NPR in the state. On one occasion, he appealed to protesters saying: “I have said several times that CAA and NPR will not be implemented in the state.” Congress passed a resolution against CAA and NPR.

In his first meeting with Sonia after assuming the position of CM with the support of Congress, it is known that Thackeray assured the latter that the government would comply with the minimum common program in decision-making and that the issues of CAA and NPR they would be discussed in the statewide coordination committee.

Congress also seemed willing to avoid the impression of a crack. He released a photograph of CM and Sonia exchanging branches, portraying the visit with a cordial light, the visual contrast with the public divergence on CAA and NPR.

According to experts, Congress has made it clear that, being a national party, it takes a position on issues such as the CAA with a “national perspective” and a regional party may differ. “But all parties to the alliance will make a final decision of the state government,” said a senior leader.

Thackeray has considered that he will not support an NRC and that the Center has also given no indication that this is on the anvil. In CAA, its position is identical to that of Center, that is, it does not threaten the citizenship of any Indian citizen. At NPR, he has tried to counter the apprehensions that questions such as parents’ age and place of birth are a precursor to NRC, saying he will “examine” the consultations on the NPR form. He has made it clear that he personally does not find it problematic.

Sena’s position puts him at odds with his partners, but he could be driven by a desire to tell his base Hindutva that he is not abandoning the basics, a decision that could be triggered by reports that his cadre has actively participated in pro-demonstrations. -CAA and mobilized with Hindutva feelings.

“No one should fear about the CAA and the NPR. This is not going to drive anyone out of the country, ”Thackeray said Friday night.

This was Thackeray’s first meeting with Modi after assuming the post of prime minister after a real misalignment after the survey.

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