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Madhya Pradesh: a man with mental disorders acts as a doctor in the hospital and prescribes pills | Bhopal News


BHOPAL: A man with mental disorders sat in a doctor’s chair upon finding him unemployed in a civil hospital in Chhattarpur in MP on Wednesday, “checked” patients and even scribbled extravagant prescriptions for half an hour before they discovered him. Questioned by the civil surgeon, he advised him to “see a psychiatrist,” and even wrote a prescription.

“An investigation was ordered to find out how the man impersonated a doctor without being detected for so long,” said Chhattarpur’s minister in charge, Brajendra Singh Rathore. It has not been identified yet.

The imposter roamed the Civil Hospital on Wednesday afternoon when he saw the vacant mental health program chamber and quickly took the doctor’s chair. The doctor posted in the ward was assigned another duty, so it was vacant, said civil surgeon R S Tripathi.

Very soon, the patients entered and the “doctor sahib” began to review them. One of the patients, Bhalloo Yadav, said: “I looked into the room and found a doctor sitting in the chair. I told him I had a fever and body aches. He spoke like a doctor and gave no impression that he was mentally disturbed. ”

Yadav said he showed him the OPD patch or slip. “He examined me exactly like a doctor and scribbled some medications,” he said.

At least half a dozen patients consulted the doctor and withdrew with prescriptions. In the medical store, the hospital employee Anoop Shukla was alarmed to see the strange recipes, written in red ink.

He asked one of the patients where the doctor who checked them was sitting, and ran there. A look at the “doctor”, and ran to pinches to get senior officials and security.

The imposter was taken out of the room. Civil surgeon Dr. Tripathi said: “No one knows his name. After he was taken out of the camera, I interacted with him and immediately realized that the man needs psychiatric help. He, in turn, asked me to see a psychiatrist and left my room. He even prescribed some medications before I left. ”

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