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India hits the United States “very hard” and will speak with Modi: Donald Trump | India News


WASHINGTON: Before his first visit to India, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave mixed signals about the prospects of a trade agreement between the two countries, saying that India had been hitting the United States “very hard “With high tariffs for many years and I would” talk “business” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote American products.

President Trump and First Lady Melania will travel to Ahmedabad, Agra and New Delhi from February 24 to 25. They are expected to be accompanied by their daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. More than 100 journalists are expected to accompany Air Force One in a separate letter to chronicle the trip.

“I will go to India next week and we are talking about trade. They have been hitting us very hard for many, many years,” Trump said at a “Keep America Great” rally in Colorado on Thursday.

He told thousands of his followers that he “really likes” Prime Minister Modi and that they would talk about business. “We have to talk a little … We have to talk a little business. It has been hitting us hard. They give us tariffs, one of the highest in the world is India,” he said.

By minimizing the expectation of a trade agreement with India during his visit, Trump said the two countries could make a “tremendous” trade agreement, but said talks about this could diminish if he didn’t get a good deal. “We are going to India, and we can do a great deal there,” he said in his graduation speech at the Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony in Las Vegas.

“We may slow down. We will do it after the elections. I think that could also happen. Then, we will see what happens,” he said, adding: “But we are only making deals if they are good deals because we are putting the United States first. . Whether people like it or not, we are putting the United States first, “he added.

Trump, who is seeking re-election in the November presidential elections, said his visit will result in more products “proudly stamped with the beautiful phrase Made in the USA.”

At the rally of the Colorado campaign, the president of the United States. UU. He spoke once again about the great welcome he expects in India, this time inflating to 10 million the amount of people he thinks will come out to greet him in Ahmedabad on the route from the airport to the newly built Motera Stadium.

“I heard that they will have 10 million people. They say that between six and 10 million people will be presented along the route to one of the largest stadiums in the world, the world’s largest cricket stadium,” Trump said. .

“Prime Minister Modi said:” We will have 10 million people to greet you. “Here is my problem, we have a full house. We have many people, thousands of people who could not enter. From now on it will look like a peanut. Never I will be satisfied with the crowd. If we have 10 million people in India, how can I be satisfied when we fill up as a 60,000-seat stadium? ”he said.

It’s unclear how Trump expects 10 million people when the population of Ahmedabad is 5.6 million people. One explanation is that he may have misunderstood the mention of Modi de lakh as a million.

Another widely offered explanation is the Dunning Kruger effect, which in psychology is a cognitive bias in which people evaluate their cognitive ability as greater than it is. In the past, the president of the United States insisted that the crowds at his inauguration were larger than in Obama’s, which was clearly not true. He has also complained about a massive false vote in the 2016 elections to explain that he obtained 2.87 million popular votes less than Hillary Clinton, although there is no basis for the position.

On Thursday, Trump did it again, increasing India’s population to 1.5 billion, about 10% more than current estimates, and insisting he beat Modi on Facebook later.

“I’m going to India next week, and we’re talking about, you know, they have 1.5 billion people. And Prime Minister Modi is number two on Facebook, number two. Think about that. Do you know who the number is? one? Triumph. Do you believe that? Number one. I just found out, “Trump said in Las Vegas.

“The head of Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg, entered three weeks ago. He said: “Congratulations.” I said: “In what?” He said: “You are number one on Facebook.” I said: “That’s great.” The number one also on Twitter, “the US president said.” That’s because it’s true. And if it wasn’t, I could never say it because it would be breaking news that Trump told a liar. No, number one.

Trump also said he had congratulated Modi on that, and said, “You know, you have 1.5 billion people. I have 350 million. You have an advantage.

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