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After Parineeti, Arjun Kapoor follows the path #MegaMonster with the 64MP quad camera Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung fans have had a fun week: following the Parineeti Chopra Mega trail with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy M31 with the cutting-edge 64MP quad camera! The actress received the brand’s smartphone and took it out to explore unprecedented places, documenting her trip with her precocious 64MP camera setup. She dropped clues about her destiny and the readers were able to make their guesses: 5 successful winners must be satisfied. And although Parineeti’s dream stay ended on the island of Minicoy, the trip of the Samsung Galaxy M31 did not. You have found a new travel companion in an equally enthusiastic and dynamic personality: the stocky Arjun Kapoor!

In case you missed the fantastic trip of Pari with the best travel companion, the Samsung Galaxy M31 64MP camera, this is how it was:

Now that’s capricious and Samsung made sure it’s all Mega. In addition to the perfect visual treatment in the form of images and videos, the phone promises a MegaVacay with an unparalleled 6000 mAh battery that lasts all day and night. You could also MegaBinge on your FHD + sAMOLED Infinity U screen!

Then, Samsung also sent a Galaxy M31 kit to Arjun, who by the way, had been actively following and interacting with Parineeti’s holiday publications. I was curious and amazed by Pari’s trip and the way she looked on Instagram, all lively and beautiful, because she was taking it using the advanced technology of the phone’s camera setup: the best versatile quad camera with primary sensor 64MP, an ultra wide angle 8MP lens, a 5MP macro lens and a 5MP depth sensor. When Samsung noticed Arjun’s fun, he was asked to test the device through one of his personal explorations.

And guys, Arjun Kapoor has accepted Samsung’s invitation to take their cutting-edge 64MP camera phone for another adventure. He, like Parineeti, will post suggestions about his destination in the form of slime-worthy photos and videos taken with the #MegaMonster 64MP camera and its various features such as super slow motion, hyperlapse, 4K video, macro sensor and ultra wide angle.

Now the exercise is that you will have to follow your Instagram feed and continue making guesses about your destination based on your clues. Samsung will once again reward five lucky winners with this #MegaMonster phone. Even if he doesn’t win, he could get his hands on the spectacular Samsung Galaxy M31 on February 25, 1PM when the
Samsung online store and all the leading retail stores.

While Pari’s trip was full of grandeur, following Arjun’s reckless personality, we assume his trip will be adventurous and brave. What you think? Wait, save your comments for Arjun’s posts. Stay tuned with your Instagram feed and this space to get more news about the #MegaMonster trail.

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