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This Valentine’s day, hotels for couples play Cupid: it’s time to celebrate love

The love-themed sweets are raining this season because it is the month of celebrating passion and union. On February 14, couples will be looking for the best ideas to express their love. Working as a team to have tea in an elegant Parisian-style cafe to sign up for an open-air cruise by candlelight or just putting together a DIY project, love speaks many languages. Regardless of your style of expression, spending intimate time with your girlfriend is what Valentine’s Day is all about. With the season of love in full bloom, finding a place for personal space and unprejudiced eyes remains a great struggle. Full shopping centers, crowded restaurants, bustling parks and, to top it all, hotels that have invasive questions for consenting adults, everything can be a real wonder.

Not surprisingly, hotels with a clear claim as “couples-friendly” hotels have received great recognition from Millennials and Generation Z alike, as they eliminate intrusive practices to provide privacy and cost-effective comfort for couples who Looking to spend time together. A recent survey conducted by Goibibo, the leading online travel company in India, reveals that 72% of Indian couples booked hotels “suitable for couples” for shorter periods, either for vacations (short day stays) or overnight stays. This indicates a clear increase in demand between couples in safe and private spaces to spend free time with their partners. One of the most important trends arising from the survey is the fact that approximately 46% of respondents made reservations in the same city, while approximately 54% of reservations were made for hotels located in a remote station destination . The results of the survey reflect that there is a certain degree of trust associated with offers for couples over any other, which makes these accommodation options the best option among couples. In addition, approximately one third of the reservations were made on the same day, which means the need for easy access to the options that allow couples to spend their “time of use” with their partners. In fact, the survey reveals that more than 50% of respondents have booked hotels for couples more than five times in the last year. Understandably, the biggest but common concerns of hotel reservations include the constant judgment and indiscreet behavior of hotel staff (39 percent) and sharing personal identity evidence during check-ins (36 percent). Other aspects with which users feel uncomfortable include receiving promotional offers or emails from hotels after their stay (27 percent) and the inability to eliminate the reservation of their travel records (25 percent).

Commenting on the emerging trend, Sunil Suresh, marketing director at Goibibo, said: “This survey shows how uncomplicated access to safe spaces and cost-effective comfort is the most important thing for young couples looking to book hotels. At Goibibo, we have been constantly pushing the envelope and we have shaped our offers according to the changing demands of millennials and Generation Z and hotels for couples on our platform is a step forward in that direction. The category is expanding aggressively and it is encouraging to see the momentum it has gathered in recent years. ”

So what do young couples look for when booking hotels for couples? What stood out in the survey is the comfort provided by a clear call, with 80% of respondents who said they preferred to book hotels that were advertised as “friendly for couples” in the description of their property. It also highlights that most couples prefer to book hotels that largely follow a “No questions asked” policy at the time of booking and check-in. Up to two-thirds of respondents said they made reservation decisions based on online comments, rating and opinions shared by other users who had reserved the property as a couple instead of regular users, which shows that they give more credibility to the experiences personal of other couples. Other factors include room affordability (61%), hotel location (55%), hotel rating (53%) and hotel privacy (52%). As the overall stay experience becomes critical for “short-term” reservations, the experience in the room is another parameter increasingly considered by couples. This includes the size of the room (42%), the size of the bed (24%), the complimentary breakfast (21%) and the bathtub (14%), among others.

Today’s Indians know what they think and easily defy established social norms and it is reasonable that the offers be adapted appropriately to meet their needs. Love is timeless, so this February 14, make time for love without any apology while Couple Friendly Hotels plays Cupid.

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Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Goibibo by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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