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The Uniform Civil Code cannot be imposed on people, it must be optional: Randeep Surjewala | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala said on Friday that a Uniform Civil Code cannot be imposed on people and should be optional. Addressing the tenth edition of the “Chhatra Sansad” (student parliament) here, he said that a Uniform Civil Code must be voluntary and that it will be a big step.

“The very fact of the Uniform Civil Code is that it cannot be forced upon you, it has to be optional and not mandatory. It has to be voluntary and it will be a big step …,” said Surjewala.

While publishing the BJP Lok Sabha survey manifesto last year, its main leader, Rajnath Singh, had said that the saffron party was committed to implementing a Uniform Civil Code in the country.

Speaking about caste violence in the country, Surjewala said that one should not shy away from reality.

“When I discriminate and violate your rights because you are from scheduled tribes or backward classes, why should you avoid declaring the truth naked in public? That is the only form of social reforms and the understanding that caste-based violence is a ugly threat that prevails in our society.

“We cannot desire it. We can only cure it by healing the mentality, reforming and punishing those who are the perpetrators of such crimes …,” he said.

The congress leader said that recent incidents of attacks against Dalits showed how poverty and caste continued to govern actions in society.

The division of castes and classes is one of the most important social problems of today and students will have to deliberate about it, he added.

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