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The Hyderabad university team imposes a fine of Rs 5,000 to 3 students for organizing the “Shaheen Bagh Night” | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: The University of Hyderabad has fined three students with Rs 5,000 each for organizing a ‘Shaheen Bagh Night’ event against the Citizens Amendment Act on campus after 9 p.m. in violation of the regulations of the university team.

The student union has condemned the measure.

The fine was imposed through a university order dated February 18, as students organized the event on January 31 after 9 pm at the North Shopping Complex and also allegedly disfigured the walls of the site, sources said. University.

“Students are cautioned to be cautious and focus on their studies in the future.

The recurrence of such incidents or the performance of any act of indiscipline would have serious repercussions on your academic career with strong disciplinary action, “said the order.

In condemning the action of the university team, the student union in a statement said that the order or circular was arbitrary and that they would not follow it and demanded that the fine imposed be withdrawn unconditionally.

“HCUSU (Student Union of the Central University of Hyderabad) also assures the student community that we will not surrender to the administration at any cost and will take each and every possible measure to safeguard the democratic interests of the students,” he says. the note.

A spokesman for the University said that the institution recognizes the right of recognized student bodies to organize meetings or protests, in designated spaces without disrupting the normal academic, administrative and residential life of a large number of teaching and non-teaching staff and their families who They live the campus.

“It is in that context that three students were fined for violating the permanent regulations of the University that meetings and protests will not be allowed in the public spaces of the campus after 9 pm,” said the university official.

The event that started at 9 pm continued until 2.30 am.

There was also photographic and video evidence that these students “blatantly refused” to abide by regulations on the deterioration of campus structures, the official said.

I hoped that all students respect some basic institutional norms and make the campus a space for healthy and democratic debates and debates.

When contacted, the Registrar of P Sardar Singh University said the administration had not set a deadline to pay the fine.

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